The biggest Rage ever in GMOD! (Garry’s Mod Trolling)

Don’t kill me! Why you killing me??? Stop killing me Don’t kill me! We don’t have to kill each other Stop! I’m not a fuckin bitch! I fucking hate you! I fucking hate you! Okay come on guys stop Stop making the kid cry Stop it Yeash Don’t kill me Continue Reading

Surprising truth about the American Flag and Pledge

Hello and welcome to another episode of The “Really?” Show. Where we report on the funny weird and interesting things we find online. I’m your host Aaron Ross. Today’s show, “The Flag Pledge Surprise” The Origins of the First American Flag are a Mystery? From an article on “How Stuff Continue Reading

Slavoj Zizek Responds to Perverted Dance Music Video (Cut The Balls!)

My duty – you see, this is what I wanted to avoid. You choose.Ahhh….Mike.OK so this morning you addressed the three main criticisms that are going around you and your work. and…arguably those are affecting the image of you in the public opinion. One of the things that is part Continue Reading

Scott the Woz Enjoys Earth

(Eiffel 65 – I’m Blue) Did you know you can listen to your modern phone music with the konami laser scope! *dad dances epicly*

Lil Alex Jones: Sharing Is Communism

– The enemy has infiltrated the classroom, folks! (suspenseful sound) The fifth day of September 2017, first day of fifth grade. The day I experienced firsthand the heinousness of communism Stalin, Mao, Castro, my new teacher, Miss (marker scratching) Abernathy. Look at this bubblegum. Gum I bought with my allowance, Continue Reading

KFC is Illuminati

Before watching this make sure you have a napkin because, shit is about to get greasy. KFC KFC is red. Do you know what else is red? That is right. The color red. Red has three letters. KFC also has three letters. Three times three is nine. Seven ate nine, Continue Reading

Travelling Through China’s Most COMMUNIST City

Here he is, Mao Zedong’s bedroom That’s where he slept Did he have a picture of himself up on the wall? That’s a little bit arrogant isn’t it Jesus, I might do that in my room You can take a look around it if you want Look through the window Continue Reading

Try Not To Laugh Challenge #4

Hello! Again. Everybody once more. It is time to get into this adventure that we call: “Try Not to Laugh” And when we don’t laugh, we’re never gonna laugh again. Because laughing is the only thing that brings us joy in life. And we wanna make sure that there is Continue Reading

Hatriot Mail: You Are Hispanic Latinos

It’s time for hatred. Mail, a lot of focus, a lot of reaction to my segment last week in my Hispanic am I Latino? Am I just a white guy? Uh, and this week’s Patriot focuses on that. But first, a quick reminder, what is hatred male. Anyway [inaudible] because Continue Reading