Hello, everyone, welcome to Weekendr Girl channel. It’s another weekend, it’s freezingly cold, only plus 8 degrees Celsius in June, so if you ever had any disagreements with British weather, welcome to Russia, but, to be precise, welcome to Novgorod. We’re exploring a bit of Russia’s European north, so if Continue Reading

What Caused the First World War?

What caused the devastating First World War? You may be aware of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This was, in fact, the trigger which set off the war from a number of underlying causes. These were: Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism. Militarism created an arms race out of competition Continue Reading


– [Man] Let’s get wild, man, let’s do it! – Wooh! – [Dhani] That’s Adventure Capitalists for you right there! – Whoo hoo! Come on! – [Narrator] Tonight, the Adventure Capitalists travel to the Florida coast. – Go! – [Narrator] To meet four entrepreneurs hoping to get a life-changing investment Continue Reading


We’re here at Spring It Once more Maybe we’re gonna eat a kebab and then we’ll come back Peace out Do you think we’re going to have a better video than Krana? It’s possible I think we have potential We’re in a battle to make the best video Don’t record Continue Reading

Why There’s an American High School in Communist Cuba

This video was made possible by Skillshare. Learn for free for two months by signing up at If you’re ever invited to Guantanamo Bay, don’t go. Without any context it sounds like a pleasant place but visitors have reported the water activities being less than enjoyable. Of course the Continue Reading

Geography Now! Cambodia

Hey Geograpeeps! So this episode is gonna have some bad audio because I’m currently in my parent’s basement filming this, not at the youtube space and, eh, the microphone we typically use doesn’t fit into the audio jack in my camera. So, just bear with me, and we’re gonna basically Continue Reading

Michel Foucault on Karl Marx (Part 2)

Hi, Michel! Oh, hi! Nice to see you again… Hm, I have a question regarding our last conversation – the one on Marx, I mean. Marx? Yeah, Karl Marx, not Ernst. OK, go ahead! I have the impression you didn’t tell me the truth. At least you said very little Continue Reading

Communist Roll’d – Ray William Johnson [SUBTITULOS ESPAÑOL]

what’s happening for my hair that’s what’s happening anyway I want you to check out this video of this tree branch that fell on some power lines and I know you’re probably thinking Rea you want me to watch a video of a tree branch oh I actually want your Continue Reading

Flags of Hong Kong and Macau Explained

China is a very interesting place. Its sheer vast size, mix of cultures, long history and its unique political system make it seem alien to most westerners. One of Chinas quirks is its two Special administrative regions, which although part of China, practically act like nations in their own right. Continue Reading