Geography Now! Cambodia

Hey Geograpeeps! So this episode is gonna have some bad audio because I’m currently in my parent’s basement filming this, not at the youtube space and, eh, the microphone we typically use doesn’t fit into the audio jack in my camera. So, just bear with me, and we’re gonna basically Continue Reading

Michel Foucault on Karl Marx (Part 2)

Hi, Michel! Oh, hi! Nice to see you again… Hm, I have a question regarding our last conversation – the one on Marx, I mean. Marx? Yeah, Karl Marx, not Ernst. OK, go ahead! I have the impression you didn’t tell me the truth. At least you said very little Continue Reading

Communist Roll’d – Ray William Johnson [SUBTITULOS ESPAÑOL]

what’s happening for my hair that’s what’s happening anyway I want you to check out this video of this tree branch that fell on some power lines and I know you’re probably thinking Rea you want me to watch a video of a tree branch oh I actually want your Continue Reading

Flags of Hong Kong and Macau Explained

China is a very interesting place. Its sheer vast size, mix of cultures, long history and its unique political system make it seem alien to most westerners. One of Chinas quirks is its two Special administrative regions, which although part of China, practically act like nations in their own right. Continue Reading

Every Country in the World (Part 1)

This is every country in the world… by Wendover Productions. We’ll start with Afghanistan, the first country alphabetically. Afghanistan is one of the few countries worldwide to be offset from Greenwich Mean Time by a 30 minute interval, its at GMT +4:30, while China is one of the many countries Continue Reading

Geography Now! Angola

You know I once went to Denmark and I bought a sandwich that was $21. In some parts of Angola that’s actually considered a good deal. Welcome to the country that has the world’s most expensive city. It’s time to learn geography… NOW!!! Hey everybody I’m your host Paul Barbato, Continue Reading

Best of Sam Harris About Religion