Elizabeth Rowley (Communist Party of Canada) — Indigenous Relations

Developing a new relationship between Canada and Indigenous peoples is very important and has to take into account five hundred years of state sponsored genocide. We need a new, equal and voluntary partnership between Canada, Indigenous peoples, Quebec and Acadians based on recognition of the right of each to self-determination. Continue Reading

Blasts Kill One Near China’s Communist Party Offices

At least one person is dead after mutiple explosions in front of Communist Party offices in northern China Wednesday morning. State media are reporting one dead and eight injured. According to Xinhua, the bombs were self-made. “The homemade devices detonated during the morning rush hour in the city of Taiyuan.” Continue Reading

Steve Harvey | Faith Makes It Possible

– Listen to me, talk to God often. Even if you not perfect, just talk to him every day. You don’t have to be in the same faith I’m in. You ain’t got to call God the same thing I call him. But listen to me, you do have to Continue Reading

A Mother’s Hope: Overcoming Fear Through Faith & Hope In God

Toward the end of World War II, my mother decided to flee to Germany, where her parents were living. Though I was only three years old, I can still remember this time of fear and hunger. Along the way, the train stopped occasionally to get supplies. One night, during one Continue Reading

The Rise of the Middle Class Safety Net

Welfare reform is in the air again but before we talk about reforming welfare we have to answer a couple of questions: What is welfare? And who is welfare for? Does welfare include tax credits for workers? Does it include the aid that you get to buy your mortgage? Mortgage Continue Reading

Is Warren Becoming a Stronger 2020 Candidate Than Biden? – News

Elsewhere in America, far from Washington, D.C., Joe Biden is fielding a set of problems unrelated to the fact that his son Hunter is being dragged into the flaming carousel of Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry Namely that, according to several recent polls, Biden’s famed lead among 2020 Democrats has begun Continue Reading

Come visit Union Church!

Open the description below for directions and web links. Hi I’m pastor Craig of the Union Church. The Union Church is an international church an oasis for English speakers in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Located in beautiful Barra. We celebrate 130 years of history in this church and Continue Reading

Faith Leaders

Over 191 faith leaders from around the state have agreed to support Phil Murphy for governor of the state of New Jersey. Thanks to everyone here, not only for your support, and most importantly your great friendships over time. I am running to be governor who will stand up for Continue Reading

Introducing FOH: Faculty Office Hours | Arizona State University

Do you suffer from stress, sleep deprivation, and academic status report denial? living in a world of why? who? how? what the? If any of these symptoms sound familiar you may be one of the millions of college students suffering from fear of meeting one-on-one with my professor or FMOOWMP Continue Reading