Taiwanese Fried Chicken the Size of Your Head at Hot-Star — Cult Following

So where we going today? Today, we are going to Hot-Star in Pasadena for some chicken cutlets. Hot-Star came out of Shilin Night Market in Taipei. This is the– the food in Shilin Market, so. – [Melody] The food. – [Woman] Like, if anyone’s coming here, they need to have Continue Reading

At B’s Cracklin’, Pitmaster Bryan Furman’s Is Making Atlanta’s Best New Barbecue — Cult Following

– [Narrator] The Atlanta barbecue scene is considered a crossroads of various pit styles. There’s everything from Texas inspired brisket to Korean southern fusion. And now, with a modified take on South Carolina whole hog barbecue, Bryan Furman of B’s Cracklin’Barbecue uses every piece of the pig. His dry-rubbed hog Continue Reading

How to make National Trust vegan tagine

Hello. I’m Alex, head chef here at Sizer. We use produce all year round from the kitchen garden. And that means that we can guarantee that the food we serve is fresh, in season, sustainably sourced, and it tastes better too. Today we’re going to be making a vegetable tagine. Continue Reading

Why Is the South Obsessed with Bojangles’ Fried Chicken? — Cult Following

– [Narrator] With chefs around the country tucking it into sandwiches, dousing it in hellaciously spicy Nasvhille pepper seasoning, or glazing it with Korean hot sauce, fried chicken is everywhere right now. And while the possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can do with this bird, big Continue Reading

Urban Legends That Won’t Die

Much like the Mighty Phoenix, some urban legends just wont die. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning! – Welcome back, mythical beasts! – (laughs) – It’s season seven! – I am– – That’s a prime number! I am so glad to be back, and Continue Reading

Guess How Many Tacos Are Served at Fuel City in a Day? — Cult Following

– [Narrator] There’s a stop off I-35 that’s home to what Dallas locals would argue is the go-to spot for late-night drunk tacos. It’s open 24/7, and the tacos are less than $2 each. Which is like after-bar drinking taco nirvana. You can choose from five meats, barbacoa, beef, or Continue Reading

Temper London has a Massive Fire Pit Right Smack in the Dining Room — The Meat Show

(guitar music) – Okay meat fans, I am in front of Temper in London, one of the most unique meat restaurants I’ve ever eaten in. It involves live-fire cooking. Big giant pit in the middle of the restaurant, let’s go inside and eat, ready? (upbeat music) – How are you Continue Reading

The ultimate hot cross bun recipe from the National Trust

Easter is fast approaching, and one of the things I really find special about Easter is baking. So I’m going to show you how to make hot cross buns. The way I make them is slightly different. So there’s a special glaze that goes on them at the end which Continue Reading

The Atlanta Burger Joint That Fans Raised Money to Keep Open — Cult Following

– [Brad Cunard] One of the things that I hear about Little’s a lot is that Little’s reminds me exactly of: the bodega in Brooklyn, the little corner store in New Orleans, the country store they grew up in. It has that nostalgia and it has that feeling because it’s Continue Reading

Cults Live Interview About Their First Show Ever | Musicland

We got the call, we had a sold out show to play. The only problem was we had never played a show before. [LAUGHING] [MUSIC – CULTS, “YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN”] CULTS: (SINGING) I, I can’t take things slowly. MADELINE FOLLIN: We started making music at home. We thought Continue Reading