Guadalupe River State Park, Texas [Official]

[sounds of running river] Guadalupe River State Park was created to provide river access to the public. What’s so unusual about this park is we’re very close to San Antonio. We’re just 30 miles. We’re very close to Austin, just an hour and a half south. And yet, you can Continue Reading

Tomoka State Park – Experience the Real Florida in Daytona Beach, Florida

After a busy day at the beach, get away from it all and explore nature up close. Do you enjoy fishing, kayaking or camping? It’s real Florida here at Tomoka State Park. Just a short drive north of Daytona Beach, Tomoka State Park is a perfect weekend getaway. Trivia time! Continue Reading

Possum Kingdom State Park, Texas [Official]

Just an hour’s drive west of Dallas and Ft. Worth awaits a land of rivers, canyons and clear lakes. Lake Possum Kingdom lies nestled in the rugged cliffs of Palo Pinto country. As far as lakes in the whole state of Texas, this is one of their crown jewels. We Continue Reading

Caddo Lake State Park, Texas [Official]

[sounds of the swamp] The lake is a cypress swamp with lots of Spanish moss hanging from the trees. It’s very surreal. Just the scenery at Caddo Lake, it excites the imagination. In the piney woods of Northeast Texas, straddling the Louisiana border, is a place equally rich in history, Continue Reading

Economic Update: Capitalism’s Excuse: Blame Government

welcome friends to another edition of economic update weekly program devoted to the economic dimensions of our lives incomes debts jobs for ourselves for us in the future for our children I’m your host Richard Wolff I’ve been a professor of economics all my adult life and my hope is Continue Reading

Why This Island Might be in Canada or Might be in the US

This video was made possible by Dashlane. Stay safe online with Dashlane for free at Ahhh islands. They’re the bread and butter of what we talk about on Half as Interesting when we’re not really sure what else to talk about. Well, that and strange borders so what if Continue Reading

Trailblazers: The New Zealand Story – Tease

New Zealand is an island country of four and a half million people; a nation of immigrants, both recent… and from long ago. So the family came out from England in the very early part of the 19th century. They felled and milled timber to grow a new nation. It’s Continue Reading

Urban Creek Bass DESTROY 10" Topwater Rat Bait!!!

ANYTHING You Can CARRY, I'll Pay For Challenge (Fishing)

he said whatever you contending on welcome to fishing norm YouTube channel common today is popping up down below so make sure you guys have subscribe button in the Bell leave a comment down below this video for your chance to be next videos comment of the day you see Continue Reading

FISHING in 1 of 3 Structure FOR BASS! (Wood, Grass, Pads)

always on what is going on folks local Michigan or meet YouTube channel comment dates popping up down below this makes you guys to that subscribe button in the belt leave a comment down below this video for your chance to be next videos comment of the day today we Continue Reading