THE LIGHTHOUSE | Cult Gala | BFI London Film Festival 2019

(low, echoing horn blowing) (slow dark eerie music) – [Thomas] Tell me, what’s a timber man want with being a wicky? – Just looking to earn a living, just like any man. Startin’ new. – On the run. – Basically, my brother had an idea for a ghost story in Continue Reading

You vs Harley Quinn (Birds of Prey 2020 Movie)

You’ve just gotten coffee at a dingy little diner — a low-key place where you had to wipe the dirty mug before taking a sip. Everything in Gotham’s a little rough around the edges, but you’re not expecting glitz and glamor. You’re here on a work trip and after walking Continue Reading

GSFF – Nindyra – Belief

Some people produce more aesthetic selfies. Some people become parents to feel like they achieve something in life. Some people aim for more and more achievements to fill their inner void with temporary validations. Some people watch them all from phone screens and decide to never leave home, ever. I Continue Reading

Paintings of ‘Petworth Beauties’ have their legs restored by the National Trust

So the ‘Petworth Beauties’ are a set of eight paintings and they date from the 1690’s. And they were installed here in the Beauty room at Petworth by the sixth Duke and Duchess of Somerset. They were originally full-length portraits but they were cut in the 19th century and became Continue Reading

Nova Scotia Talent Trust since 1944

(dramatic music) (Narrator) Without belief, there is nothing. (alarm beeping) [Child] “Wake up, Mom!… We’re gonna be late.” (Narrator continues) No matter how much talent you have, no matter how much work you put in, no matter how much time, how much effort, how much dedication, no matter how much Continue Reading

Meet the young volunteers working with the National Trust to keep our rivers clean and free-flowing

If you see something that you don’t like then change it. Because it’s just better to look after what’s around you. Being a part of the group, personally, it’s just made me get more in touch with nature and be outside more. I just like being in nature because it Continue Reading

Fight Club: The Perfect Cult Classic

Fight Club is an American film by David Fincher, released in 1999 and adapted from the eponymous novel by Chuck Palahniuk. Telling the story of an insomniac nameless first person narrator who finds little satisfaction in his job and his life in general Creating with the enigmatic Tyler Durden, a Continue Reading

Real Life Vampire: Vampire Loving Mother Sucks Human Blood, Twilight Style

COMM: Vampires have been the subject of books and plays for centuries. Today, these scary fictional characters appear in countless movies and hit TV series. But one woman from Pennsylvania has taken her vampire obsession further. 45-year-old mum-of-three, Julia Caples, has been drinking live human blood for over 30 years. Continue Reading

How to make rhubarb crumble the National Trust way

Hello. My name is Hayley Turner and I’m the head chef at Speke Hall. And today we’re going to be making a rhubarb crumble. First we need some rhubarb, so I need to introduce you to Phil Knowles who’s our kitchen garden volunteer. Phil, what type of rhubarb do we Continue Reading