Dark Systems (The Organic Creation of Oppressive Structures) – Conquest of Dread

lurking in the blind spots of our communities just out of view for many invisible systems are aligned against us, camouflaged in the trappings of culture and veiled by corporate obfuscation. these systems subtly manipulate our lives in ways most people will never even see or understand, some will go Continue Reading

Ben Shapiro VS Socialism

I debate socialists all the time and their only real comeback is well that’s not real socialism or if that’s not really I’m nism is there any way to really get around that and try to make them see that look just because your version of socialism with that magical Continue Reading

Jordan Peterson and Christina Hoff Sommers on the Western canon of literature | VIEWPOINT

Jordan: So obviously, the canon is made up of those books that have had the most influence and so they’re the most fundamental. Whether you agree with them or not is beside the point, you need to know them because they’re at the bottom of your culture. And that’s you. Continue Reading

Can Feminists and Non-Feminists Agree On Gender Equality?

Men are making choices for us, women About birth control abortion health care everything and we can’t even have a say on it cuz they won’t even hear us Can I have my non-feminists in the left spotlight And my feminists in the right spotlight The feminist movement has changed Continue Reading

Jordan Peterson’s Most Savage Comebacks (Highlights/Compilation) – NEW 2018!

How much responsibility do you feel you have particular it’s the alt right Who as you say, some of them enjoyed your work and say I’m not one of you I’m not one of you guys I’m not with you Can they haven’t enjoyed my work? I’ve definitely read bits Continue Reading

Fact-checking the UN: Is the Internet dangerous for women? | FACTUAL FEMINIST

In another section, the report speaks of “recent research on how violent video games are turning children, mostly boy, into killing zombies.” The footnote leads to a rambling screed by a disciple of the infamous Lyndon LaRouch. Not only is the report riddled with mistakes—its proposals are totalitarian. It urges Continue Reading

Jordan Peterson on the “Not Real Communism” Fallacy

And if you think that you can transform what we have already now into some kind of utopia then You’re dangerous because that isn’t how the world works and utopians have been more dangerous than any other people for the last hundred years that’s for sure. Like there’s all sorts Continue Reading

Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality 20th Anniversary Symposium (3 of 4)

LINDA ZERILLI: Welcome, everyone. I’m Linda Zerilli. And I have the pleasure of chairing this panel, which is called Transformational Texts. And the idea behind this panel was to ask some of our distinguished faculty to speak a bit about how gender and sexuality studies has influenced their own research Continue Reading

Jordan Peterson Addresses Socialist Intellectuals

On the subject of totalitarianism, um I wanted to do something very quickly, so I’m guessing that even though most people in the room have negative views of both men They have a more intensely negative view of Hitler than of Stalin I’m guessing almost everyone in the room has Continue Reading

Socialist Feminism │ Means TV

got first wave feminism that’s a you know women didn’t want to be property they wanted to be able to vote susan b anthony a lot of racism that people don’t want to talk about then you got second wave you know Rob earning sixties the pill Woodstock title nine Continue Reading