Women in the 19th Century: Crash Course US History #16

Hi, I’m John Green; this is CrashCourse U.S. history and today we’re going to talk about wonder women. Mr. Green, Mr. Green, finally we get to the history of the United States as seen through the lens of Marvel comic superheroes. Oh, Me from the Past, you sniveling little idiot. Continue Reading

Maternity Leave and Why the United States is the Only Developed Nation Without It

A Class That Turned Around Kids’ Assumptions of Gender Roles!

– This afternoon we’re going to draw people doing different jobs, and the first job we’re going to draw is a firefighter. – Ever think in your head what a firefighter looks to you? – What’s your firefighter called? – Mine is called Firefighter Gary. – Firefighter Stan. – Firefighter Continue Reading

The Church Service that Worships Beyonce

The Top Five Feminist Myths of All Time | FACTUAL FEMINIST

much of what we hear about the plight of American women if false, and some phony claims had been repeated so often they’re almost beyond the reach of critical analysis coming up next on the factual feminist 5 feminist Myths that will not die myth number one women are half Continue Reading

Mod-01 Lec-40 Deconstruction, feminism, discourse theory etc.

Welcome to this lecture series in Aspects of Western Philosophy; this is the 40th lecture. The pervious lecture was on postmodern approaches and we seen some of the major feature of postmodernism, and this lecture we focus on 3 important movements, and they are deconstruction, feminism and discourse theory. They Continue Reading

Antony Loewenstein and M. Jacqui Alexander: Disaster Capitalism and Spiritual Feminism

Hi I’m Laura Flanders, six years ago this week, Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake. Billions of dollars in aid were pledged but little made it to the people in need. Why did that happen? Today on The Laura Flanders Show, Antony Lowenstein talks about Disaster Capitalism and the Continue Reading

1/4 Inclusive Democracy: An Introduction with Takis Fotopoulos discussing with Oliver Ressler