Charlotte Church – Bridge Over Troubled Water

When you’re weary Feelin’ small When tears are in your eyes I’ll dry them all I’m on your side Oh, when times get rough And friends just can’t be found Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay Continue Reading

The Scary Reality Of Sex Education In Alabama | State Of Grace | Refinery29

I mean, look at your sexuality. I mean, literally, I guess you could. Why did I not know that you were going to do that? Did you just say I look gay? Let’s talk about sex. The birds and the bees. The horizontal tango, the four-legged Foxtrot. Oh, what you Continue Reading

A Little Too Familiar – Emma Approved Ep: 44

It’s funny the things you don’t see coming. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy, but what I did not bet on was how much tougher it was going to be working with the senator’s wife-to-be. The thing is, I can’t really put my finger on it. Caroline’s nice Continue Reading

The Life Threatening Dangers Of Gay Conversion Therapy | State Of Grace | Refinery29

I would have to change who I am to be a member of your church. The language would be repentant. There needs to be some repentance here. For my marriage? Yes. What the hell have I gotten myself into. Hi, I’m Grace Baldridge. I’m a lesbian, big shock. And I’m Continue Reading

Why Anti-Abortion Supporters Are Pro-Death Penalty | State Of Grace | Refinery29

Currently in America there is a lot of time, energy, and money being spent on legislating and advocating for innocent unborn lives. There are endless conversations swirling around regarding the boundaries of when life begins and the morality behind deciding when it ends. There are all these different stages of Continue Reading

Maternity Leave and Why the United States is the Only Developed Nation Without It

The Church Service that Worships Beyonce

The Dark Reality Of Celebrity Endorsed Mega-Churches | State Of Grace | Refinery29

Welcome home. You belong here. Come as you are. These are the messages that greet you at Instagram-able megachurches all across Los Angeles. With services that look more like Coachella than your grandmother’s prayer circle, are the lights and the fog machines clouding the truth? You may think California is Continue Reading

Religion as a mother – 60 Second Adventures in Religion (3/4)

Sixty second adventures in religion. Number three, religion as a mother. Why do so many people picture God as a man? J J Bachofen was a Swiss Professor of Roman Law who was probably a bit of a mummy’s boy. He thought that religion was part of a process that Continue Reading