91 | Holy Week — Chuck Knows Church

For Christians Holy Week is the week just before Easter which is also the last week of Lent. Holy Week includes Palm or Passion Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday until sundown. Now after sundown Easter Eve begins, and with at the Easter season which continues for 50 Continue Reading

Introducing Messy Church

Messy Church is fundamentally about people just coming in all their mess and with their messy lives and their messy families – just coming to God as they are, and seeing what a Christian community is all about. Everything you do, all the activities you prepare, the language you use, Continue Reading

44 | John Wesley — Chuck Knows Church

Alright…, who am I? [Off camera] My grandma? Nope, I don’t even know your grandma, that’s a really weird guess Uh, no, I’ll give you a hint: I started Methodism… [Off camera] Grandaddy Chuck? No, maybe great, great, granddaddy Chuck. Maybe, but no, the answer I’m looking for is “John Continue Reading

Messy Mondays: The Three Types of Churches

You know what cracks me up? Whenever someone’s like, “Dude, my church is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.” and then goes on to describe any church you’ve ever been to. And you’re standing there like, “Yeah, dude. Yes, that’s awesome. Cool.” Look, when it comes down to it, there’s Continue Reading

Whatever Happened to Commitment to a Church? (Selected Scriptures)

Usually we open to a passage of Scripture in the Word of God and do our best to unpack its truths and grasp its significance, its meaning, its implications and sometimes it’s direct application to us. But tonight I want to talk to you a little bit of a different Continue Reading

43 | Confirmation (part 1) — Chuck Knows Church

[phone ringing] [Female voice] Thank you for holding– [Chuck] Ooo, finally! A real human, I’ve been on hold forever trying.. [Female voice] Thank you for calling, please hold [Chuck] yes I will hold Hey, sorry, stuck on hold I know, just hang up right, well I’m trying to confirm a Continue Reading

Why You Shouldn’t go to Church

I have heard this common phrase that the church has put on shirts and bumper stickers. The phrase goes like this: “It’s NOT about religion it’s about a relationship with Jesus”. They are absolutely correct to make this statement, they are RIGHT. The BIG problem is THEY DO NOT LIVE Continue Reading

How to Get Millennials Back in Church

Sponsored by NatureBox! Get a free trial box of delicious snacks at naturebox.com/cow! I’ve been seeing stuff all over the Internet about how Millennials have stopped going to church! So I’ve come up with some great ways to spruce things up a bit so that those crazy kids will get Continue Reading

8 reasons God wants you to go to CHURCH

En este video voy a darles 8 razones en la Biblia por las cuales debes ir a atender a una asociación local. También voy a lidiar con 6 excusas que la gente frecuentemente ofrece razones por las cuales no va. Pensador Bíblico Quiero responder esa pregunta no con mi opinión, Continue Reading

38 | Liturgist — Chuck Knows Church

uh hem [clearing throat] I say uh hem you who. Here I am over here at the lectern you remember that episode? The lectern as opposed to the pulpit? over ther.. no, no, [panic voice Chuck] stay here least don’t make me run again. Anyway I’m here at the lectern Continue Reading