Edip Yuksel (E) Noam Chomsky – Democracy, Plutocracy, Palestinians, Kurds

you are the most celebrated and the most reference modern scholars and also you are very combo and I saw your name in David Horowitz professors F is highlighted and your global activist you are very humble and I consider you a guy with great brain mind and great heart Continue Reading

Why Capitalism is Great: Non Compete Debunked—The Anti-Capitalist Part 2

And this is the point where he tries to conflate that of so called Liberalism with that of your Liberals today in the United States or whether it’s in Great Britain with that of capitalism. “What are you going to do if workers get sick of being exploited and try Continue Reading

Rise of Evil – From Populism to Fascism | BETWEEN 2 WARS I 1932 Part 4 of 4

When you think of Fascism before World War Two, you mostly think of Germany and Italy, perhaps Spain. But that’s not quite right, in the 1920s and 1930s Fascism was fashionable, and almost created a global Fascist surge. Welcome to Between-2-Wars a chronological summary of the interwar years, covering all Continue Reading

28 Days Later: How to Ruin the Revolution

28 days later is a film with an obvious and notable cultural impact it brought fast zombies into the cultural consciousness and sparked off a wave of zombie films and TV shows following its release in 2002. To briefly summarize, 28 Days Later features a now-cliche premise where our protagonist Continue Reading

Public vs Private | TIKhistory Q&A 27

To fully understand the present, we must understand the past. And one thing I see time and time again is people misunderstanding elements of the past, which is bad because it leads to false conclusions, which in turn leads to horrible and needless suffering. One of my Patrons, John Hargreaves, Continue Reading

What is Fascism? Fascism Explained

Fascism is a term we hear on a lot nowadays When it’s said, you might think of some historical figures like Hitler, or Franco Or maybe even some contemporary ones But what does it actually mean In this video I’ll answer this question by giving you a clear definition of Continue Reading

Are Referendums Bad For Democracy?

2016 was the year of controversial referendums. In Colombia, voters rejected a peace deal that would have brought an end to half a century of war. In the United Kingdom, voters opted to leave the European Union, the first country to do so since the Union’s formation. And in Thailand, Continue Reading

The Republicans’ War on Voting Rights, Protesting and Democracy – SOME MORE NEWS

Here’s a news: During Brett Kavanaugh’s first week as a Supreme Court Justice, the White House put in a request for the Court to strike down another request for Secretary Wilbur Ross to testify in regards to his decision to add a question about citizenship in the next census. Hard Continue Reading

White Nationalism, Liberal Democracy, And The Historical Myths of Whiteness w/ Rhyd Wildermuth

so if they were to go back far enough into like say the Vikings or something right in the Viking lore you know that that would somehow support their views that they have now like they’re trying to turn their their whiteness into something that can be associated with their Continue Reading