Trump Forced State Department To Investigate Employee Who Liked Chelsea Clinton Tweet

I know time has passed pretty quickly throughout this entire Trump administration as we have moved from one scandal and outrage to another at a record pace. But back in July, 2017 Donald Trump, while attending a G20 summit decided he didn’t want to sit at the table anymore. So Continue Reading

Viral QAnon Video Shows Cult-Like Followers Will Believe Anything

Uh, there’s a viral video going around Twitter right now over woman explaining while driving her vehicle exactly who and what QAnon is all about. And this video was originally shared, I believe as a Travis view, the co-host of QAnon Anonymous and really the video speaks for itself. Here Continue Reading

Essential Oil Company Called “Cult-Like Pyramid Scheme” In Lawsuit

I’m assuming by now everybody probably knows at least one person that swears by essential oils, right? They’re good for whatever’s bothering you. And as such, as people have become reliant upon these things, lots of different little companies have popped up selling these essential oils, but according to a Continue Reading

Judge Orders State Department To Turn Over More Trump-Ukraine Materials To House

Last Friday, a federal judge issued a major blow to the Trump administration, ordering them to go through and turn over even more documents related to Donald Trump and his contacts with Ukraine. Now, here’s what the administration had previously done. The state department after being ordered by a court Continue Reading

Lindsey Graham Explains Why He Became A Trump Cult Member

Speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill yesterday, Lindsey Graham admitted a disturbing truth. Lindsey Graham inadvertently told us why he suddenly went from calling Trump a xenophobic racist to suddenly being the leader of the cult of Donald Trump. And this is what Mr. Graham had to say. And he Continue Reading

Trump’s Own Investigators Couldn’t Find Evidence Of “Deep State” Coup

Many, many months ago, the Trump administration, Donald Trump specifically announced that they were going to be investigating the investigators, right? They wanted to look into the entire Russia probe that had wrapped up and find out who started it, why they started it, and root out all of the Continue Reading

State Farm Sued For Charging Customers For Paper Bills

We have talked a lot in the past here on Ring of Fire about insurance companies doing anything to save a dollar and typically that means denying very valid insurance claims. But in addition to doing anything to save a dollar, these companies will apparently also do anything to, in Continue Reading

Biden’s Campaign Won’t Survive Losses In Early Primary States

Joe Biden’s campaign is in a lot of trouble. Not only did he get outraised by his opponents in the most recent quarter, but he’s also struggling greatly in early primary and caucus States. And a lot of people may think, well okay the money thing, that’s probably a big Continue Reading

A White Nationalist Will Be Advising Trump’s Administration – The Ring Of Fire

So by now, I’m sure everybody watching this understands that Steve Bannon, the guy from Breitbart is going to be Donald Trump’s chief strategist and senior councillor in the White House and I’m sure most people watching this also understand that Steve Bannon is a huge anti-semite. A lot of Continue Reading

Republican Newspaper Freaks Out After AOC Gets A Haircut

Well folks, two very brave journalists from the Washington times have uncovered the scoop of the century that is absolutely going to destroy the career, nay. The life of representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, they have somehow done the digging, made the phone calls, and they have uncovered the biggest scandal Continue Reading