Can I Trust My Conscience?

Well we are ending our week of great questions and biblical answers with an interesting one. The question someone recently sent me was simply this. “Can I trust my conscience?” Think of how massively important that question is. Right now your conscience is telling you, it’s evaluating, accusing or defending Continue Reading

Church’s Worldwide Children and Youth Initiative on Track for 2020

Last May, the First Presidency announced that a new initiative is being developed to replace existing programs within the Church, including Boy Scouts of America, Personal Progress, Duty to God and Faith in God. Since that announcement a new initiative for children and youth is being tested in locations around Continue Reading

Religion is Intuitive (Religion, Belief and Social Connections, Part 1)

Hi, I’m Rabbi Geoff Mitelman. I’m the founding director of Sinai and Synapses, and I’m thrilled to be sitting here with two of our former Sinai and Synapses fellows, Connor Wood and Jonathan Morgan, who not only are both former Sinai and Synapses fellows, not only both went through the Continue Reading

The Biggest Way to Build Your Confidence

Standing with those persecuted for their faith or belief. #Article18ForAll

Today, we want to mark the International Day Commemorating Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Freedom of Religion or Belief. We stand with those persecuted – every person must have the right to believe as they choose, have the right to change that belief if they choose, and have Continue Reading

Belief & Doubt: ““It’s A Confusing State to Be In” – Jonas’ Story

My name is Jonas Manuel. My faith in perhaps the Church is not so strong. I was 14 years old when I converted to the Church. My parents had just barely gone through a horrible divorce and my mom was looking for something different, something better. It led to the Continue Reading

How to Overcome Fear & Lack of Confidence

TERRI: Based on the top questions I received, this one had to do with fear and a lack of confidence. In fact, I was asked things like, you know, how do you become bold to go after your dreams? Or how do you develop the mindset to believe you’re capable Continue Reading