why we live in mexico and not in the united states

Welcome back all you loyal tangerineys! And if you are new to our channel, My name is Maddie, and I’m Jordan, and we are Tangerine Travels. So in our last video, we asked you guys what video you wanted to see next. And overwhelmingly. You picked number three, which is Continue Reading

Japan’s Ancient Firewalking Buddhist Cult

For the past six months I’ve immersed myself in Japan’s history and its two religions. Now it’s time to put everything I’ve learned to the test. to set out and explore both the cities and the countryside and see if there’s some part of Japan where I might eventually fit Continue Reading

why we live in mexico and not in the united states (part 2)

Welcome back Tangerineys. If you’re new to our channel, my name is Maddie, this is Jordan, and we are Tangerine Travels. We’ve been travelling through Mexico for going on 2 years now, travelling and living in Mexico across the country and over time, we’ve realized that there are some things Continue Reading

Discussing Religion

Welcome back. In this video, we’re going to be discussing faith and religion Do you have a faith? Do you have a faith? Do you have a faith? Do you think there is something larger in life? Do you think there is something larger in life? Do you think there Continue Reading

Christmas in France: Traditions and Religion

Salut c’est Géraldine, bienvenue sur Comme une Française TV, Sound French, even to the French! Christmas is coming soon. Here in France, we love this celebration ! The Christmas tree and Santa Claus are very popular, among people of all religions as well as non-religious. We’ll get into that more Continue Reading

Communist Cars [Kult America]

I’ll never forget the first time I crossed the border into Poland back in the 2000 I felt like I was teleported to a different world. Everything was different! But what stood out the most was that basically every car on the road looked as if it could fall apart Continue Reading


Serpent za is no doubt going to disappear sometime in the near future. That’s my prediction Today, I’m going to talk about serpent, sir day aka Winston stirs all he’s a youtuber who lives in China, by the way And at the end of the video, I’ll give you my Continue Reading


Can You Actually Afford Your Country's Corruption? Mr.T interviews Barry Soloman

French Culture: La Petite Souris (The Tooth Fairy)

En France, ce n'est pas la fée des dents, « The Tooth Fairy », la fée des dents, qui vient chercher les dents des petits enfants. Eh non, c'est la petite souris. Eh oui, la petite souris. Aujourd'hui, on va parler de ce personnage des contes et légendes de la Continue Reading