Nigel Farage: EU kills democracy in Greece

I noticed during your speech Mr Barroso there was an all pervading sense of gloom. I saw for the first time, even your supporters shaking their heads, they don’t believe it what you are saying, the European people don’t believe in what you are saying, and I don’t really think Continue Reading

Tens of thousands rally against nationalism before EU votes

Tens of thousands of demonstrators opposed to right-wing populism and nationalism took to the streets in a number of European cities before May 23-26 elections to the European Parliament Marches in Germany were held under the banner of “One Europe for Everyone: Your Voice Against Nationalism” in cities including Berlin, Continue Reading

Is Global Democracy in Retreat? – KJ VIDS

– [Eddie] Recent elections in India and Europe, societies with a range of cultures and levels of wealth, have provided further proof that the liberal world order is retreating into one dominated by sovereignty in the nation state. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on his Hindu nationalist ticket, won an Continue Reading

Why Europe’s nationalist parties all sound alike

Three… …European… …politicians They speak different languages… …but they’re all singing the same tune This European Union is a horror show Today’s disorderly Europe is incapable of finding solutions We are going to Europe in order to overturn this Europe And that’s weird… …because one belief that unites these nationalist… Continue Reading

New Pagan Temple In Poland & Religious Freedom

Hello friends! My name is Arith Härger and today I’m going to talk about… what am I going to talk about today? ah… alright huh… hrrm… the new.. p-p-ppp… I can’t understand your letter hang on it’s in the title alright today I’m going to talk about “The new pagan Continue Reading

#EUArchives – Founding fathers of the European Union: Altiero Spinelli

Above all, we must keep on increasing Parliament’s level of overall involvement. That is why we are calling for a new parliamentary committee that whatever its title, would focus exclusively on this issue. In due course, it would produce interim reports, urging Parliament to choose between the various options put Continue Reading

Former PM on Moldova’s Future, the EU and Communism

Dumitru Braghis was prime minister of the Republic of Moldova during 16 months, being elected by communists and Christian democrats. But in 2001, when the Communist Party held the majority in the parliament, they preferred another cabinet chief, and Braghis remained in the opposition. Now he is the chairman of Continue Reading

Vaclav Klaus in Sofia

Now I give the floor to the president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus. Mr President. Mr President, presidents. It’s incredible to have three presidents coming here today. I appreciate it very much. I’m really honoured. Ambassadors, ladies and gentlemen. Many thanks for the publishing of these two books of Continue Reading

Average American vs Average European – How Do They Compare? – People Comparison

The United States of America was officially formed on July 4th, 1776, when thirteen states declared their independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. This was centuries after this region, which was a part of what was then called The New World, was officially discovered by Italian explorer Christopher Columbus. Continue Reading

The Politics of Eurovision Song Contest

Well I think the thing about the Eurovision song contest is, every country has one singer right or at least one group. And the thing about Russia’s relationship with its periphery is that it’s very clear in its identity that it is the big country with sort of little bits Continue Reading