Democracy Is NOT Dying | NFTGA Chapter 17

OMG you guys! Democracy is dying! Nationalism is surging in the United States and Europe! And have you heard about Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Hungary’s Viktor Orban! They’re the worst! And China has gotten rich without getting democratic It’s all all over.What can the freedom loving US government do Continue Reading

Kamall: Nazis were socialists

Thank you very much Mr. President, Mr. Vice Presidents. Mr. Bullmann, I would remind you, when you talk about right wing extremists you have to remember that Nazis were national socialists, it’s a strain of socialism. So lets not pretend, it’s a left wing ideology they want the same thing Continue Reading

Corbyn and Johnson clash over no-deal Brexit: ‘Anti-democratic and unconstitutional’

This is not a bill in any normal sense of the word: It is without precedent in our history. It is a bill that, if passed, would force me to go to Brussels and beg an extension. It would force me to accept the terms offered. It would destroy any Continue Reading

Is Global Democracy in Retreat? – KJ VIDS

– [Eddie] Recent elections in India and Europe, societies with a range of cultures and levels of wealth, have provided further proof that the liberal world order is retreating into one dominated by sovereignty in the nation state. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on his Hindu nationalist ticket, won an Continue Reading

Why Europe’s nationalist parties all sound alike

Three… …European… …politicians They speak different languages… …but they’re all singing the same tune This European Union is a horror show Today’s disorderly Europe is incapable of finding solutions We are going to Europe in order to overturn this Europe And that’s weird… …because one belief that unites these nationalist… Continue Reading

Michael Gove does not rule out ignoring legislation to stop no-deal Brexit

See what the legislation says, You’re asking me about a pig in a poke and I will wait to see what legislation the opposition may try to bring forward but we know what – We’re in new constitutional times, but for a government to say ‘we won’t abide by legislation’ Continue Reading

‘This is a dictatorship’: politicians react to Boris Johnson’s plan to suspend parliament

Shutting down parliament in order to force through a no-deal Brexit which will do untold and lasting damage to the country against the wishes of MPs is not democracy, it’s dictatorship. I think today will go down in history as the day UK democracy died. Suspending parliament is not acceptable, Continue Reading

When will the next crisis hit? I Ask the Right Question with George Friedman

The recession and the way it started we’re going to be worst in 2008 or better. The problems that were created in 2008 we never solved they were papered over and handled so while the recession may be less intense the economies are weaker. the biggest country that I worry Continue Reading

Environmental sustainability and democracy | Jonathan Zeitlin | University of Amsterdam

Can innovative forms of transnational governance enhance environmental sustainability and democracy? One promising initiative is the European Union’s Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade Programme, also known as FLEGT. This programme was launched in 2003 to combat illegal logging around the world. Illegal logging is a major source of forest Continue Reading