Are Trust Distributions Taxable?

Hi. Lee Phillips here. I guess you’re familiar with me now I’m a lawyer. Don’t hold that against me. K? I want to talk about when a beneficiary of a living revocable trust or even an irrevocable trust gets a distribution from the trust The question is is that taxable? Continue Reading

When Should I Set Up an Irrevocable Trust? | Jim Ryan, Attorney

There are a number of times when an irrevocable trust is beneficial. The purchase of new life insurance, if that face value of the life insurance creates a taxable estate for estate tax purposes, having the policy purchased by an irrevocable trust with an independent third-party trustees can provide protection Continue Reading

Trust Beneficiaries Need to Know | Learn the Basics

You know, or you think that you know, that you’re a named trust beneficiary. You may be a little unsure because it’s not always easy to know or find out if you are a beneficiary of a family trust. Unless you’re a professional in estate planning and fully familiar with Continue Reading

Evil Communist Sweden Has More Billionaires Per Capita Than US

R Lewis you know about Sweden you’ve been to Sweden in you know of course that Sweden is in the evil socialist communist country that is completely anti-business yes that’s true david and they’re just people dying everywhere because the or ball a socialist communist Nazi I healthcare will there’s Continue Reading