Why Did English Become the International Language?

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Langfocus channel, and my name is Po-ru. “Why did English become the international language?” – That is the question we’re going to answer today. English is the de facto global lingua franca. It is the language of global commerce, the main language of international diplomacy, Continue Reading

Talk About RELIGION in English – English Vocabulary lesson

[Music] good afternoon I’m Jim newsmen today’s main story a Youtube English teacher is encouraging people to talk about religion move some critics are calling controversial ally responded to his critics by saying communication about any topic can be positive and constructive if we don’t be dicks about it giorgo Continue Reading

Culture & Vocabulary: Major religions of the world

Hi, guys. I got a secret to tell ya. Do you have a religion? Yeah? Most people do. I don’t. I am what is called “agnostic”. “Agnostic” means I do not believe in a god. Do you want to turn the video off because you’re offended by my religious views? Continue Reading

Tutor Nick P Quotes (2) Margaret Thatcher – The Problem With Socialism Is …

hi this is tutor Nick P and this is quotes – two today we’re going to take a quote from Margaret Thatcher you know remember the old prime minister of the UK years ago one of our famous quotes is this one the problem with socialism is that you eventually Continue Reading

Talking About Politics: LEFT WING & RIGHT WING

I left my heart in San Francis-… Hi. James from engVid. I’d like to do a lesson today with you on politics. I know, you’re used to grammar and vocabulary, but it’s always good to expand your horizons, that means your learning abilities and look at things that you may Continue Reading

Political vocabulary and expressions in English

Learn English with Emma: vocabulary, culture, and the first conditional!

2014, Joni Ernst – Squeal – political ad – closed captioned

I'm Joni Ernst. I grew up castrating hogson an Iowa farm. So when I get to Washington,I'll know how to cut pork. (Pig squeal) Joni Ernst. Mother.Soldier. Conservative. My parents taught us to livewithin our means. It's time to force Washingtonto do the same. To cut wasteful spending, repealObamacare and Continue Reading

How to have a conversation about RELIGION in English