ENGLISH SPEECH | WILL FERRELL: Trust Your Gut (English Subtitles)

It is such an honor to deliver this year’s commencement address to the University of Southern California’s graduating class of 2017. I would like to say thank you, graduates, for that warm welcome. I would also like to apologize to all the parents who are sitting there, saying, ‘Will Ferrell? Continue Reading

How to Celebrate Christmas in the United States?

hi everybody I’m Alicia from English class 101.com in this lesson you’ll learn some important phrases for Christmas in the US and some valuable cultural tips first let’s hear the name of the holiday Christmas Christmas Christmas is traditionally celebrated as a religious holiday this involves traditional customs such as Continue Reading

Confident Rohui is a vocal queen? [The Return of Superman / 2017.04.16]

(You can hear music at this recording studio.) I can hear Aunt Bada. You can hear Aunt Bada? (It’s really Bada.) Let’s go. Aunt Bada. – Hello. Are you here already? / – Yes. – We’re here. / – You’re early. – Hello? / – Hello, Bada. Eugene isn’t picking Continue Reading

How to Pronounce CHURCH /tʃɜrtʃ/ – American English Pronunciation Lesson

welcome to the minute of speech this difficult word is a request from a mandarin speaker from taiwan the word is church a place of worship to say church correctly focus on its three sounds number one start with by touching the tip of the tongue to the back of Continue Reading

How to be CONFIDENT!

Hello. My name’s Ronnie. I’m very confident, and I really like talking. [Sighs] Oh, god. [Laughs] Do you think that one of the reasons why you don’t like to speak English is because you lack confidence maybe in speaking or in writing, or just in your daily life? Confidence is Continue Reading

Self Confidence: Ace the job interviews with confident(5 Tips)

hi everyone this is Jiro and today I’m going to share with you a few tips and to strategies on how to gain the confidence in the job interview or even you can communicate with confident to anyone you know being confident from the moment you walk through the door Continue Reading

Trust in Business | Joshua Konowe | TEDxTauranga

Translator: Mohamed M Yousif Reviewer: Ellen Maloney “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust someone.” Ernest Hemingway said that. And we wouldnt be a great if you were starting a business, and right out of the gate you had instant trust? You know, Continue Reading

Somi with low self confidence ends up crying with Teacher’s advice [Sister’s SlamDunk 2/2017.03.17]

(Class 1, warming up and group practice) (Class 2, private lessons) Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. It’s an honor to be able to teach you. I’m the one that should be thankful. I never thought we’d be able to work together. And we meet like this. (Her singing is Continue Reading

Dressing for confidence and joy | Stasia Savasuk | TEDxPortsmouth

Translator: Virginia Pes Reviewer: Peter van de Ven What if changing your pants could change your life? Here’s a photo of my friend Dana from a couple of years ago, when she was wearing not quite right pants, working in a not quite right job. She didn’t understand what was Continue Reading