Pyramids and solar religion

[MUSIC PLAYING] INES TORRES: Pyramids are one of the most common of all human architectural forms, and one of the most stable. But the reason for building a pyramid is also related to a set of religious and funerary beliefs that the Egyptian espoused. Some of these beliefs are intimately Continue Reading

Democracy and Development: Perspectives from Africa | MITx on edX | Course About Video

EVAN LIEBERMAN: It’s hard to imagine a more exciting region to study than contemporary sub-Saharan Africa. Despite the burden of difficult legacies, including histories of slavery, colonial rule, and authoritarian governments, African citizens are building new democracies and seeking greater prosperity. Since the 1990s, these citizens have gone out to Continue Reading

Global History of Capitalism | PrincetonX on edX

where some countries rich and others pool has capitalism always posed a threat to the natural world what is globalization and why is it happening has technology taken away too many jobs in other words how did we get to where we are now join us here at Princeton University Continue Reading

Managing Human Resources in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry | HKPolyUx on edX

managing human resource in the hospitality and tourism industry is the organizational function that deals with hospitality issues related to human capital and workplace environment with an ultimate goal is to achieve organizational objectives my name is Alison an associate professor of school of hotel tourism management I'm the chief Continue Reading

Organizational Design: Creating Competitive Advantage | IIMBx on edX

this course is about organization design why do we need to worry about organization design that's because all of us are part of some organization or the other think about the schools that institutions Savva nations that manufacture cars the organizations that bring goods and services to you like the Continue Reading

Digital Culture/Clutter: Life and Death on the Net | IsraelX on edX

American Capitalism: A History | CornellX on edX

EDWARD BAPTIST: While people have tradedfor millennia, capitalism has only existed for thelast few 100 years. In that short period of time, it hascreated an unparalleled revolutionary in material prosperity. Creating new opportunities,but also new risks. But what is capitalism? LOUIS HYMAN: Capitalism is a radicalreorganization of investment and work, Continue Reading

The Supreme Court & American Politics | University of Baltimore on edX

since the founding of our nation in the summer of 1787 the Supreme Court has been immersed in the American political system despite the founders original intention at this institution stand apart from political influences the University of Baltimore School of Law and Lyle Denniston the dean emeritus of the Continue Reading

Religion and Hip Hop Culture | RiceX on edX | Course About Video