Is Art Appreciation the One Thing Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders Might Agree On?

I blame the perception of art being liberal on Picasso because he was a card carrying communist. It’s interesting the artist who painted the great anti-fascist picture saw absolutely nothing wrong with totalitarian communism. And certainly most artists tend to be a liberal. I don’t think though that that means Continue Reading

Theory in Action: Realism

A realist walks into a bar and orders a half-empty glass of vodka. The term realism I think gets under people’s skin. It’s hard to compete with a paradigm or perspective that’s called realism. So then you become an idealist, right? The idealist would walk into the bar and order Continue Reading

The fascist philosopher behind Vladimir Putin’s information warfare

Ivan Ilyin was a fascist philosopher of the ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s, but he’s probably the most important example of how old ideas can be brought back in the 21st century or in a postmodern context. Ilyin had three very important ideas. The first was that social advancement was impossible Continue Reading

What Caused the Catastrophic Nuclear Accident in Chernobyl?

Chernobyl is a city in the Ukraine located about 56 miles (90 kilometers) northeast of the capital, Kiev. Prior to the disaster and a subsequent evacuation, it was home to around 14,000 people. At that time, it was still part of the Soviet Union. The city was the location of Continue Reading

Guam: Why America’s Most Isolated Territory Exists

This video was made possible by Squarespace. Start building your website for free at and then when you’re ready to launch, use the code “wendover” for 10% off. If you were just dropped in this place with no prior knowledge, where would you guess you were? Maybe Florida or Continue Reading

Why you should tolerate intolerable ideas | Nadine Strossen

Many people have contended that there is a paradox of why should we tolerate intolerant ideas. And the answer is that we have to engage in exploration and analysis of all ideas if we are going to honestly and sincerely reach our own conclusion as to which ideas we believe Continue Reading

Slavoj Žižek on Refugees, Conservatism, and Cultural Incompatibility

We who try to be decent people are bombarded by some kind of moral political pressure from two sides: First there is the worst one, of course, this anti-immigrant populous side like why should we even allow refugees in; it’s their fault; third world travel and so on, there are Continue Reading

Cornel West: The Difference Between Justice and Revenge

Cornell West: Shelley was right when he said poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world. Yes Percy, we appreciate that. We understand that. We know they published that after you died, but we got the memo. By poetry he wasn’t talking about versifiers, he wasn’t talking about folks who Continue Reading

Is It Really Possible to Change Someone’s Beliefs? | Barbara Oakley

It’s hard to know how you can change a person’s mind or opinion. And the reality is you can’t. I mean a change has to come from within that person. And sometimes that change only comes when you have the experience or that person has the experiences themselves. So again, Continue Reading

Do Humans Have Free Will, Or Are We Programmed By Society? | Joscha Bach

Like consciousness, free will is often misunderstood because we know it by reference, but it’s difficult to know it by content, what you really mean by free will. A lot of people who immediately feel that free will is related to whether the universe is deterministic or probabilistic. And while Continue Reading