The Trouble with the Electoral College

In a fair democracy everyone’s vote should count equally, but the method that the United States uses to elect its president, called the electoral college, violates this principle by making sure that some people’s votes are more equal than others. The Electoral College is, essentially, the 538 votes that determine Continue Reading

We don’t need God or religion to know right from wrong | Michael Shermer

Science and good and evil, good and bad, right and wrong, murder, all these things… human moral values. Well, I wrote a book about this, The Moral Arc. I am what’s called a moral realist: I think there are real moral values out there to be discovered. Now, not “out Continue Reading

Islam: The Misunderstood Religion! – LECTURE – Abdur-Raheem Green

Hey Hey now I’m gonna talk about a topic is slammed the misunderstood religion Sam the misunderstood religion and the first thing I would look like to talk about a first thing I’d like to talk about is Islam itself what does the word Islam mean okay so the word Continue Reading

How RUSSIAGATE Threatens U.S. Democracy

It is now clear that we have entered one of the most important moments in the history of our republic. News is that Michael Flynn is refusing to cooperate with congress in its investigation of the Trump team’s ties to Russia. Flynn is Trump’s now-disgraced former National Security Advisor whose Continue Reading

Is the Trump presidency a religious cult? | Reza Aslan

Eighty-one percent of white evangelicals voted for Donald Trump in the previous election. That’s a record. That’s more white evangelicals than voted for George W. Bush—and George W. Bush was a white evangelical. This makes no sense to people, especially when you consider that Trump is not just the most Continue Reading

Religion Can Be Dangerous without a Sense of Humor | Dave Barry

Well, first of all I kind of grew up in a religious environment—sort of. My dad was a Presbyterian minister; his dad was a Presbyterian minister. I was actually an altar boy at Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Aramark New York. I was raised Episcopalian even though my dad was Continue Reading

Richard Dawkins: Why Religion and Evolution Don’t Mix Well

I’m very often asked, “What is the Darwinian survival value of religion?” and I usually reply, “That may be the wrong question.” You may have to rephrase the question and it may turn out to be not the survival value of religion but the survival value of something else in Continue Reading

WW2: The Resource War – Arsenal of Democracy – Extra History – #1

Cicero once said that the “Sinews of war were infinite money.” Never has that been more true than in the second World War. This little bonus extra history series is going to be all about the complex economic struggle that underpinned the most colossal conflict in human history. These episodes Continue Reading

‘Hey Bill Nye, How Do I Escape Religion?’ #TuesdaysWithBill

Hey Bill. I’m Andrew LaRue. I’m from northwest Ohio. Thanks for taking my question. My question is where — I’ve been indoctrinated with religion most of my life and I am 20 years old right now and I’m just kind of opening my mind up to what I’ve learned from Continue Reading