Faith & Co. | Connecting Business and Beliefs (Jeff Haanen)

– As soon as we start talking openly about Christian faith and business, we immediately get put into a category of that’s not like a real thing you can talk about at Wharton (laughs) right? Or Harvard Business School. Like that’s not a real part of knowledge, talking about a Continue Reading

Halloween: Paranormal beliefs in America | IN 60 SECONDS

Boo! It’s Halloween, guys! According to a handful of polls, belief in ghosts may be on the rise. A 2007 AP/Ipsos poll found that 1/3 of American adults believed in ghosts. In a 2011 CBS News question, 40 percent said that they believed that ghosts, or the spirits of the Continue Reading

Hive mind: The good, the bad, and the viral | Sarah Rose Cavanagh

The hivemind is a couple of different things. It is firstly the idea that we are a collective as much as we are individuals and that we can enter this frame of mind where we’re sharing attention and we’re sharing goals and we’re sharing emotions. You can feel this most Continue Reading

Dave Evans: Three Dysfunctional Beliefs

– The problem is what we call Dysfunctional Beliefs, ideas that are untrue or ungenerative and not helping they’re getting in the way. Examples, okay: we’re at Stanford we’re talking about students there’s a big student dysfunctional belief. You’re sitting on the quad you’re having a conversation about what? Of Continue Reading

Bernin’ for Bernie (Burning for You) ~ Bernie Sanders – Blue Oyster Cult Parody

It was a tough decision. Do I get into senior boxing? Or run for president. Bernie Sanders in the house! I am very pleased that you invited me to be with you today. And I’ve prepared a few words. For this important occasion. If you want money out of politics, Continue Reading

Why Should We Trust An AI? | Two Minute Papers #233

Dear Fellow Scholars, this is Two Minute Papers with Károly Zsolnai-Fehér. Through over 200 episodes of this series, we talked about many learning-based algorithms that are able to solve problems that previously seemed completely impossible. They can look at an image and describe what they depict in a sentence, or Continue Reading

How Beliefs Resist Change

The Jesuits have a saying sometimes attributed to Francis Xavier: “Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man.” They may be a tad optimistic, but ample research on identity formation shows that religious, cultural and political identity become established by early adulthood and Continue Reading