Rose State College – Going Somewhere Starts Here

Alright, you’re graduating, your parents are proud, you’re relieved but Now what? Where are you going? How about a college where you won’t get overwhelmed and still get the full college experience? Great! Let’s start at Rose State! Rose State starts you out with a choice from more than 60 Continue Reading

Understanding Attorney Trust Accounts with Robert Hawley

My name is Bob Hawley, and I’m with the State Bar of California and I’m here to talk to you about trust accounting standards and the rules and regulations that governing the govern trust accounting for lawyers, particularly for new lawyers. One of the most important things that you’ll do Continue Reading

UQx META101x Knowledge and belief

HETHERINGTON It’s not enough just to have opinions. It doesn’t matter – people sometimes say, “but I really feel it.” Well, tough. That doesn’t make it knowledge. You’ve got a philosophical theory here, a longstanding one, which starts to tell us why that isn’t enough. MACINTOSH Sometimes then, we substitute Continue Reading

The power of believing that you can improve | Carol Dweck

The power of yet. I heard about a high school in Chicago where students had to pass a certain number of courses to graduate, and if they didn’t pass a course, they got the grade “Not Yet.” And I thought that was fantastic, because if you get a failing grade, Continue Reading

Developing Confidence Through Delayed Grading

>>Kirsten: Throughout the next month, you’re going to practice one paragraph.>>Dr Cantor: Motivation has a great deal to do with the belief that we can be successful. So what does a grade do to motivation? It can shut it down pretty quickly, especially when children are learning something new.>>Kirsten: Okay, Continue Reading

Who Can You Trust? Crash Course Navigating Digital Information #4

Hi I’m John Green and this is Crash Course Navigating Digital Information. So here at Crash Course, we work hard to bring you entertaining and educational videos on everything from science to literature, but how do you know that we’re like telling you the truth? And is our work invalidated Continue Reading