Possible impact of state of the union address, Iowa caucus debacle | Political Panel

From the chaos in Iowa last night to the triumphant tone from Trump tonight. Our panel of political experts is watching. David Frum, senior editor with the Atlantic is here with me in Washington. Republican strategist Jai Chabria is in Columbus Ohio. And Democratic strategist Tracy Sefl is joining us Continue Reading

DHS reviewing state laws giving illegal immigrants driver’s liscenses

Free Haircuts Boost Confidence

Rob McClendon: Well, the start of a new school year can put the squeeze on even the biggest of home budgets. With uniforms and school supplies required for back to school, some families have trouble affording it all. But a yearly event at Tulsa Tech seeks to make things a Continue Reading

Can You Trust Chinese Economic Data? (w/ Chris Balding and Mike Green)

MIKE GREEN: Mike Green. I’m here for Real Vision in Los Angeles, and I’m sitting down with Chris Balding, who most people that watch Real Vision probably have heard something about you either on Twitter or in the news, but you and I came into contact over Twitter. Your background Continue Reading

How Does German Economy Compare to United States Economy?

Some of our viewers may have grown up with the idea that Europe is filled with nothing more than unorganised countries that are run by corrupt and incompetent socialists. While it may be true in some cases, Europe’s economic powerhouse Germany, is now the fourth strongest economy in the world, Continue Reading

Michael Lewis Promises the Deep State Doesn’t Exist

-Welcome back. -Pleasure to be here. I’m happy to talk to you about this book. This is basically about how the Trump Presidency and Donald Trump himself had no interest in maintaining a functioning government through the transition of the previous administration, and you’ve said that, “Only Donald Trump could Continue Reading

China Strikes Back Against America! | China Uncensored

China strikes back against the US No Trade Deal till 2020? And the Chinese Communist Party’s new nemesis is… Batman?! That and more on this week’s China Uncensored. This is China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. This week’s China news headlines! …has been sponsored by Surfshark. Because if you’re interested in Continue Reading