Warring States Japan: Sengoku Jidai – The Siege of Inabayama Castle – Extra History – #2

Welcome back to the Sengoku Jidai Last time we left off with Oda Nobunaga ascendant after his surprising victory over the Imagawa. And the young Tokugawa Ieyasu aligning himself and his clan with the victorious Oda. Now we enter a period of consolidation. As Nobunaga tries to strengthen his holdings, Continue Reading

What is the Dynasty Trust? | Mark J Kohler | Tax & Legal Tip

Hi mark Kohler here, and I want to talk to you about the dynasty trust now as an attorney I’ve drafted a lot of trust for clients over the years and the dynasty trust is a fun one It’s a unique one where our law firm over the last 15 Continue Reading

sagun – Trust Nobody Love, Nobody The Same (Feat. Shiloh Dynasty)

Don’t know why I still try And she wonders why I I don’t trust nobody Not even her Don’t know why I still try And she wonders why I I don’t trust nobody Not even her Don’t know why I still try And she wonders why I I don’t trust Continue Reading

Who Is The Rothschild Family & How Much Power Do They Have?

The Rothschild family has been accused of nearly every conspiracy we could find. They’re alleged to be leaders of secret societies, run the world’s media and financial systems, and other shady dealings. The name Rothschild is synonymous with extravagant, old world wealth. But we wanted to find out, who exactly Continue Reading

Buddha and Ashoka: Crash Course World History #6

Hi, my name is John Green; you’re watching Crash Course World History and today we’re going to talk about India, which is hard because: A. I only have 10 minutes… Past John: Mr. Green, Mr. Green! Present John: I don’t have time for you today, Me from the Past! B. Continue Reading

What America gets wrong about China and the rest of Asia | David Kang

We instinctively use the lessons of European history to explain Asia’s future, and it is incredibly difficult to make the argument that we should look at Asia’s history if we want to understand where Asia is going to go in the future. The most common way that we think about Continue Reading

How to worldbuild Scifi & Fantasy Cultures & Societies: Biology, Families and Dynasties (part 1)

Greetings and Salutations! I'm Janet fromWorld Anvil and today we're going to talk about how you can create cultures andsocieties in your worldbuilding project! So we're going to talk about marriagesand families, we're going to talk about clans or dynasties, and then we're goingto address wider units like tribes and Continue Reading