A tour of our church drum kit setup

Hey, it’s Dave Dolphin at practicalworshipblog.com, and today I thought I would share with you the drums position we have here at the church. Now, all of this gear here is church owned. In fact, all of our positions here at the church—all of our players use church owned gear, Continue Reading

5 Tips For Playing Drums In Church – Drum Lesson (Drumeo)

(drumming) – This is Stephen Taylor, and I wanna talk to you about drumming in church. Now this is something that thousands of drummers do around the world every week. For some of you, like me, this is your first gig. This is your first opportunity to play in front Continue Reading

AWOLNATION – Handyman (Official Video)

Ooooh-ooooh Ooooh-ooooh Ooooh-ooooh Ooooh-ooooh I’m a sinner I will consider I am my father’s son I’m a sinner I must consider I’ve never owned a gun I’m a sinner Seasoned beginner Lucky to be alive I’m a sinner Finished my dinner Now I can go outside If only yesterday Took Continue Reading

Brought By Pain – Crafted By Society – Studio Playthrough