Republican Newspaper Freaks Out After AOC Gets A Haircut

Well folks, two very brave journalists from the Washington times have uncovered the scoop of the century that is absolutely going to destroy the career, nay. The life of representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, they have somehow done the digging, made the phone calls, and they have uncovered the biggest scandal Continue Reading

Trump In 2019: We’re Going To Put A Man On The Face Of The Moon | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Bannon: The left wasn’t worried about democracy when they were winning

Capitalism Fails Again – CEOs Bankrupt Companies And Get MILLIONS In Bonuses

Recently a bankruptcy judge heard from executives at a Sears and Kmart, same company at this point, um, were the executives and their lawyers argued that even though these stores are bankrupt, we’re going into bankruptcy, we’re shutting them down. We should still be allowed to pay our bonuses of Continue Reading

Has Capitalism Actually Been A Force For Good Globally? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Charles Ferguson on Nixon: “He didn’t have to do any of this stuff”

Well, the scandal began with the discovery and arrest of five men in business suits carrying a great deal of cash and a lot of electronics in the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee on June 17, 1972. But the investigation, initially, of that burglary and bugging operation turned into Continue Reading

Trump Declares The Media The Biggest Threat To Democracy

If you’re one of those people who’s still out there saying that Donald Trump did a good thing by meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, then I have something for you to consider. After spending what, roughly a day with this dictator who controls everything in his country including Continue Reading

Democracy is Dying | AD

– So you know how I usually have that mug of tea that’s filled with water to reinforce the fact that this is a constructive piece of entertainment, and not an actual conversation? Well, I don’t have a mug of tea, so I got some water. Mm, minerals. Hydration. (lively Continue Reading

‘You have a great democracy – keep it going’: Finland’s Niinistö to Trump

Ladies and gentlemen, before meeting I had some spare time so I visited a couple of museums here, the museum of American History, the museum of American-African History, and the museum of American-Indian History. And in addition to that, I had the possibility of attending a ceremony in Arlington. Mr. Continue Reading

Tlaib Accuses Witness of Being Conspiracy Theorist, Immediately Launches Her Own Conspiracy Theory

If you see a potential conspiracy theorist in every ideological opponent of yours, here’s a thought: The conspiracy theorist might be you. Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan — generally viewed as the George Harrison of “the squad,” if you haven’t been keeping track of her position in the Democrat fab Continue Reading