California Trump Voters Reflect on the State of the Nation | NBC Left Field

What’s it like being a red dot in a blue state? I call us the the creamy goodness that is in the middle of the ding-dong that is the state–that’s actually how I describe us. I’m driving north through California on the state’s major artery the Five. This is the Continue Reading

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Three women who came they’ve been held as slaves in a home in London for at least Thirty years have been rescued by the Police. They’re described as a 69 year old Malaysian woman, a 57 year old, aged 69 year old from Malaysia, a 57 year old from Ireland, Continue Reading

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Look at the outside of this man Look at his physical appearance Look into this man’s heart Look into his soul Now look more deeply… I feel this emptiness inside me every time I look into the mirror The impulse I want to do is just punch that mirror because Continue Reading

The Brutal Tattoo Ritual Built on Pain

Yeah, it’s always the question why, but… I feel more complete every time I have a session, you know. Everybody wants to look like how you see yourself, you know. For the Brutal Black project, the most important [thing] is the experience. It’s like a kind of rite of passage Continue Reading