Are Trust Distributions Taxable?

Hi. Lee Phillips here. I guess you’re familiar with me now I’m a lawyer. Don’t hold that against me. K? I want to talk about when a beneficiary of a living revocable trust or even an irrevocable trust gets a distribution from the trust The question is is that taxable? Continue Reading

Confidence Intervals – Introduction

Welcome to this brief introduction to confidence intervals. In inferential statistics, we study a sample, and use the results to draw conclusions about its population. Suppose I want to estimate the average age of students at a college. So I choose a random sample and find the sample mean age Continue Reading

Confidence Interval for a population mean – σ known

Welcome! In this video, I’ll be constructing confidence intervals for a population mean, assuming the population standard deviation is known. A confidence interval, constructed from sample data, is a range of values that is likely to include the population parameter, at some specified confidence level. The confidence interval for a Continue Reading

The Rich in America: Power, Control, Wealth and the Elite Upper Class in the United States

Wealth and Power in America: Social Class, Income Distribution, Finance and the American Dream

this is the way the Constitution was set up by reading the Federalist Papers they were very preoccupied with this and because they were concerned about the fact that the economic system placed the money and property into the hands of a few they knew that those who didn’t have Continue Reading

Cornel West: How Intellectuals Betrayed the Poor

I think one was, there was an idolizing of unfettered markets. And much if not most of the intelligentsia were duped. I recall traveling with my dear brother Michael Harrington and talking with brother Stanley Aronowitz years ago. And you know, here we’re engaged in critiques of unfettered markets, and Continue Reading

What Does The Future Of Religion Look Like?

A study by the Pew Research Center says that by the year 2050, the rapidly growing Muslim population will catch up to Christianity, which is currently practiced by more than a third of the world. At the same time, the number of religiously unaffiliated, which includes atheists, agnostics, and people Continue Reading

R Lab.3- Density, Average Path Distance, Degree Distribution:A Social Network Lab in R for Beginners

okay well we're coming back to our because I think it's unfair to introduce these measures and talk about how they how the network might look differently in them and so forth and so on and then not show you how to do it in our so we're gonna do Continue Reading

Top Three Common Myths of Capitalism | Learn Liberty

if we look at the history of the world a huge fraction of the improvements in standard of living have come because private businesses have created new products have given people jobs have generated profits that raise people out of poverty and allow them to live fruitful and productive lives Continue Reading