Top 10 Awful Cults — TopTenzNet

10. Scientology Scientology may not be considered a true “doomsday” cult as most others on this list are, but it still has a stronghold all over the world, and its fair share of detractors who tell stories of mind control, financial devastation, and criminal activity leading to the deaths of Continue Reading

That Time Michelle Pfeiffer Accidentally Joined a Cult and the Truth About Twinkies

When actress Michelle Pfeiffer was just starting out in Hollywood, long before her hit movies Batman Returns and Hairspray hit theatres, she admits to being roped into the cult of “breatharianism.” Breatharians, for those unfamiliar, is literally a group of people who believe that humans can survive without food or Continue Reading

Why Does the United States Use the Electoral College and Not a Popular Vote to Decide the President?

Hello, I’m Daven Hiskey, you’re watching the TodayIFoundOut YouTube channel. In the video today, we’re looking at why the U.S. uses the electoral system, rather than allowing general citizens to vote on the Presidency. On December 13, 2000, Vice President Al Gore conceded the presidential election to Governor Bush. A Continue Reading

The Forgotten Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, Norton I

The Forgotten Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, Norton I His Imperial Majesty Joshua Abraham Norton I was born between 1811 and 1818 in England. Records of his birth date vary considerably, but it’s likely that the latter date is the correct one. His family immigrated to Continue Reading

The Hand of Faith Gold Nugget

Sitting in the back of a dark, old-fashioned Las Vegas casino sits, rather unremarkably, the largest gold nugget on display in the world. Slowly spinning on a table in a place not uncoincidentally named “The Golden Nugget,” the so-called “Hand of Faith” gold nugget is not as glamorous nor as Continue Reading

Top 10 Most Brutal Religious Ceremonies [Warning: Graphic Content] — TopTenzNet

10 Brutal and Horrifying Religious Ceremonies 10. Scalp Dances While anyone who has seen any traditional westerns or Inglourious Basterds has heard of the Native American practice of removing the scalps of enemies, particularly among tribes like the Apache. It’s much less likely you’re aware of the ceremony and etiquette Continue Reading

Top 10 Religious Beliefs Hidden In Toy Story — TopTenzNet

Top 10 Religious Beliefs Hidden In Toy Story 10. The Mutant Toys Represent An Egyptian Myth The Mutant Toys in the first movie live in the house of Sid and Hannah Phillips. Sid is a monstrous young child who steals Hannah’s toys, destroys them and then combines them with parts Continue Reading

The Cult That Made Your Grandmother’s Fine Silverware

For many Americans in the 20th century, holiday meals meant getting out the special Oneida Silverware. Stainless steel, ornamental and moderately expensive, it wasn’t a fancy dinner unless there was a Silverplate Oneida spoon on the table. Despite its traditional look, the history of Oneida Silverware is anything but. The Continue Reading

How the Phrase Red Herring Came to Mean Something That is Misleading

How the Phrase Red Herring Came to Mean Something That is Misleading Meaning a distraction or false trail, the expression “red herring” has been relatively commonly used for the last two centuries, and its origins do, in fact, begin with a rust-colored fish. However, until quite recently, the accepted origins Continue Reading

The Soviet Superman Red Son

The Soviet Superman Red Son If you’ve ever sat around thinking, “What if Superman was a communist?” (Who hasn’t, right?) Well, wonder no more. The answer was masterfully provided in Superman: Red Son written by famed comic book writer and member of the “Most Excellent Order of the British Empire”, Continue Reading