Irrational beliefs – Lisa Bortolotti

I’m Lisa Bortolotti and I’m Professor of Philosophy at the University of Birmingham, affiliated with both the Philosophy department and with the Institute for Mental Health. My research in the last six, seven years has been about identifying the role of irrational beliefs in our lives. By irrational beliefs I Continue Reading

The Mechanisms and Effects of Dogmatic Belief Systems

Stubbornness can be pretty annoying at times. Especially in regard to important issues like climate change, immigration, equality and spirituality. So why does it seem some people just won’t listen to reason or change their opinion regardless of the evidence. In this video we will discuss the effects of dogmatic Continue Reading

Faith? | Carl (Theist) – Oklahoma | Atheist Experience 20.47

Wayne State University’s CFPCA: Be Inspired.

Where does inspiration come from? How do you find that creative idea? And how do you keep it alive? At Wayne State University’s College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts, inspiration is around every turn, in every nook, on every rooftop and at every street corner. Here, you’ll take what Continue Reading

Saved by Faith Alone??

Stop Arguing with Trolls! — Bad Faith Arguments and YOU! (Breadville Puppet Theater)

Neckybeard: Hey Glue! Have you seen this horrible character design for the new She-Ra? Glue The Horse: Oh gee, Neckybeard. I don’t see anything wrong with it. She looks okay to me. Neckybeard: Okaaaay? She’s disgusting! Look at how flat her chest is. That’s not what She-Ra’s suppose to look Continue Reading

Is Bangladesh a one-party state? | Head to Head

In December Bangladesh went to the polls with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina securing a landslide victory She said she won on the back of Bangladesh’s impressive economic record and a decade of growth Her opponents say she stole the election While international monitors accuse her of silencing her critics and Continue Reading