Wade Davis: The worldwide web of belief and ritual

You know, culture was born of the imagination, and the imagination — the imagination as we know it — came into being when our species descended from our progenitor, Homo erectus, and, infused with consciousness, began a journey that would carry it to every corner of the habitable world. For Continue Reading

Balmorhea State Park, Texas [Official]

[wind] [music] In the stark, arid landscape of West Texas there’s a surprising oasis of green and blue. Just outside the town of Balmorhea, a unique spring brings life to the desert. [kids playing] It also creates one of the best spots in Texas to go for a swim. San Continue Reading

Organization || 3 Storage Ideas in the Kitchen for Small Appliances #elechomes

Good Intentions 1of3 Introduction and Public Schools with Walter Williams

a program from imagine Erie Pennsylvania [Applause] did you take a close look at the poverty figures the most ironic and I think tragic conclusion that you reach is that we were winning the war on poverty in this country until shortly after Lyndon Johnson declared war on labor unions Continue Reading