Trust – CS50 Podcast, Ep. 1

This is CS50. DAVID MALAN: Hello, world. This is the CS50 podcast, and my name is David Malan. COLTON OGDEN: And my name is Colton Ogden. DAVID MALAN: And so glad to have everyone back with us today for our second ever episode of the CS50 podcast. COLTON OGDEN: Yeah, Continue Reading

Will You Trust in Christ or Yourself? (Vlog)

The biggest sin that I was holding on to was my doubts and unbelief in the Lord Jesus Christ – that He was able to save my soul; to just trust in Him. And it would always be like, ok, I trust in Him, and then… Ok, I’ve got to Continue Reading

Exposing A YouTube Cult – RealiTEA

Welcome to RealiTEA, the show where Dad dives into a big cup of juicy drama gossip rumor tea. This week on RealiTEA, we take a look at five individuals. Five people who were so interested in a boring regular old normal average dad that they felt the need to investigate Continue Reading

Camp Camp: Season 2, Episode 1 – Cult Camp | Rooster Teeth

David: *snore* Pine. David: *snore* Cedar. *snore* Gwen: Goooood morning, David! David: Goooood morning, Gwen! David: Wait- this feels backwards..? Gwen: Yep! Gwen: But today’s the day! David: *gasp* You’ve realized your love of Camp Campbell and everything it stands for?! Gwen: HELL NO! David: “Help… Wanted?” Gwen: That’s right. Continue Reading

Camp Camp: Episode 1 – Escape from Camp Campbell | Rooster Teeth

– RTX 2016 intro – – Rooster Teeth Summer of Animation Intro – (eagle screeching) -[DAVID:] Can you believe it, Max? We’re getting not one, not three, but two new campers today! – [MAX] Yup. It’s really, truly horrifying. -[DAVID] Horrifying? What? Are you afraid of making a few new Continue Reading

Westboro Baptist Church Interview On Anonymous Threat/Hoax, Calls Host “Little Girl”

Announcer: The David Pakman Show at David: Welcome back to the show. It has been reported that the hacking group Anonymous, which was involved in Wikileaks sent a letter to the Westboro Baptist Church indicating that they would be targeting the Westboro Baptist Church. Westboro Baptist Church, of course Continue Reading

Opening Night Highlights: David Lang’s “prisoner of the state”

[Trumpets sound] The Assistant and the Prisoner: This day This hour This moment (overlapping) The Assistant, the Prisoner: This day The Governor: This day The Governor: Is just another day The Assistant and the Prisoner: This hour The Governor: This hour The Assistant and the Prisoner: This moment The Governor: Continue Reading

React, Props, State – Lecture 2 – CS50’s Mobile App Development with React Native

[MUSIC PLAYING] JORDAN HAYASHI: Hello, and welcome for Lecture Two– React, Props, and State. So last week, we talked about a bunch of different topics, one being ES6 and beyond and the syntax that comes with each of those. We talked about closures, the process by which a function can Continue Reading

Nate Phelps, Son of God Hates Fags Westboro Baptist Church, Reveals All Part 1 of 2

David Pakman: OK, we’re speaking with Nate Phelps, who is the estranged son of Fred Phelps, of course of Westboro Baptist Church fame. Nate, thanks for joining us today. Nate Phelps: My pleasure, Dave. David: So give us the background. I mean, I’m fascinated to be walked through this. You Continue Reading