How to Track Conversion Values with Google Tag Manager

China’s Slowdown | The Big Conversation | Refinitiv

ROGER HIRST: Last week, when Donald Trump signed the bipartisan bill requiring an annual review of trade between the US and Hong Kong, it was seen as just another escalation in the ongoing trade tensions between the US and China. But in many ways, those trade tensions are detracting from Continue Reading

How inequality in the UK is mapped: from the Victorian era to the 2019 election | FT

[MUSIC PLAYING] ALAN SMITH: So Alasdair, we’re talking maps today, and we’re also talking inequality, which is a big word in the election manifestos this year. But in fact, when we talk about mapping inequality, that’s not a new thing. It’s been done before. So who was the first to Continue Reading

How Powerful Is The Middle Class?

Last year, the Pew Research center reported that the income gap in the United States between the middle and upper class was the largest on record. The wealth owned by just the top “zero point-one percent” was equivalent to the wealth of the bottom 90 percent. Many economic analysts and Continue Reading

Programming in Visual Basic .Net How to Connect Access Database to VB.Net

Hello to all Youtube audiences. The first step is to create the new database. Right click on an empty space. After that, select ‘New’. Then select ‘Microsoft Office Access 2007 Database’. We have to name our database. For example, it’ll be named Your_Database which the file extension is .accdb After Continue Reading

The era of blind faith in big data must end | Cathy O’Neil

Algorithms are everywhere. They sort and separate the winners from the losers. The winners get the job or a good credit card offer. The losers don’t even get an interview or they pay more for insurance. We’re being scored with secret formulas that we don’t understand that often don’t have Continue Reading

Morning Consult CEO Michael Ramlet – 1st Tuesday

– When we started Morning Consult, it wasn’t supposed to be a company. The idea of being here at first Tuesday almost 10 or 12 years from being a student at one of these tables is really quite an honor. I remember actually being here with John Stavig with the Continue Reading

🔴 Exiled Chinese Billionaire’s Accusations of China (w/ Guo Wengui & Kyle Bass) | RV Classics

Welcome to undisclosed location in Texas miles. It’s a pleasure to have you here Esme to a third nice tomorrow. Yeah. Well we met before they have become friends quickly We me too. We we share some similar views and come from very different angles, but we’re gonna have a Continue Reading

🔴 How the CCP Is Manipulating the Chinese Economy & Their Country (w/ Guo Wengui and Kyle Bass)

KYLE BASS: So I’d love to ask you a couple of questions about that. Even Premier Li has stated that Chinese economic statistics are unreliable. What do you think the real economic statistics are, as far as GDP growth. And I know you and I have had several conversations about Continue Reading

‘State of Surveillance’ with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith (VICE on HBO: Season 4, Episode 13)

Edward -You might have bought the phone but whoever hacked it they are the one who owns it. Any device that is on here you can operate independently. Shane – So it is true, you can get into the phone and turn the camera on? E – Ya, absolutely. S Continue Reading