Russian Revolutions: Deep State Communism Hidden Origins [Eps 4]

(somber music) – [Man] Lenin’s goal was to create a communist utopia. Gulags, famine, religion. (somber music) Education. (somber music) The October revolution is considered the most violent Communist movement of the 20th century worldwide. It was the precursor for the international rise in communism and all the countless catastrophes Continue Reading

Class 09 Reading Marx’s Capital Vol I with David Harvey

So far in this rather long and fairly complicated chapter on machinery, I suggested you might want to keep in mind two things; one is those conceptual elements in the footnote which bring together in some kind of ensemble the idea of technology, relation to nature, the processes of production, Continue Reading

Why Communism is the Deep State’s Mind Control Cult [Ep1]

(eerie music) (futuristic music) – [Woman] Edge of Wonder. – Welcome to the Edge of Wonder. We’re your hosts, I’m Rob. – And I’m Ben. We’d like to welcome everyone to a very special series we’ve put together on Communism. – And while it might not seem like it, this Continue Reading

Class 06 Reading Marx’s Capital Vol I with David Harvey

» NEIL SMITH: One of the striking things for me always about that chapter was the extraordinarily precise mathematical logic of it. I mean, it comes closest to a mathematical dialectic. And sometimes that ability and that way of working is why Marx gets tagged as in some ways as Continue Reading

Class 01 Reading Marx’s Capital Vol I with David Harvey

» NEIL SMITH: Well, you’re in for a treat today. We’re going to be talking with David Harvey on the lectures that he’s been giving now for almost forty years, I think, on Capital. My name is Neil Smith. I teach in Anthropology and Geography at the City University of Continue Reading

Class 12 Reading Marx’s Capital Vol I with David Harvey

» NEIL SMITH: Brings me back to your your point earlier about the the last chapters in Capital. There’s the primitive accumulation chapter of course, but I was thinking as much about the chapter on colonies and Wakefield, and the sense of you get from Marx’s critique of Wakefield which Continue Reading

About communism (part 01) with English subtitles.

Greetings.Today we have historian as our guest, Boris Yulin And today we will talk about communism. Boris please be kind and tell us what is communism,what it looks like, etc? Well, first of all it would be best to refer to the actual name/title of the communism Where it comes Continue Reading

Was Karl Marx right? | The Economist

Karl Marx is often described as one of the greatest thinkers of the 19th century. His writings have inspired revolutions, and generated centuries of fierce debate. Born in Prussia, now Germany, in May 1818, Marx believed that capitalism, which was in its infancy at the time, had serious flaws. Marx Continue Reading

Class 07 Reading Marx’s Capital Vol I with David Harvey

I think you see how, concepts that are launched at one point in the text then actually become the simple basis for an advance of an argument at a later point in the text. Now, if you remember, Marx starts off with a theory of the commodity. And so, the Continue Reading