How to Make Your Guinea Pigs Trust You – 10 Easy Ways | Wheek Wheek Pets

Lay guinea pigs on your body in the morning, it’s warm from you, they like it After bathing, iron and comb your guinea pig When your guinea pigs are still small, take them to your bed every day and iron them. They will get used to you so quickly Iron Continue Reading

How Do We Capture the Truth of Beliefs? Type Theory

So let’s talk about possibilities. A lot of what we say has to do with the world as we know it. Words like “board game” and “bicycle” pick out real objects that we can see and touch. But language also lets us talk about stranger things, like monsters and portals Continue Reading

Don’t trust your humans Vol. 2! Cute & funny dachshund dog video!

I STARTED A CULT!! love that for me ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

*Gay Silence* *Gay Silence* Gotta blast *zoey 101 theme* *more gay silence* *jumping Mario sound* *Gay silence….. Again* (intro) (intro) *music* *more music* *music stops* Hey everybody~ *continues dancing* What’s up you guys? How are y’all doing? How are you today? I hope you guys are doing well. That would Continue Reading

Camp Camp: Episode 1 – Escape from Camp Campbell | Rooster Teeth

– RTX 2016 intro – – Rooster Teeth Summer of Animation Intro – (eagle screeching) -[DAVID:] Can you believe it, Max? We’re getting not one, not three, but two new campers today! – [MAX] Yup. It’s really, truly horrifying. -[DAVID] Horrifying? What? Are you afraid of making a few new Continue Reading


Hi sisters My name is James and I’m Ian Welcome to the first ever episode of the James and Ian show all you sisters out there know that me and Ian have posted several videos together on my youtube channel and as much as He acts like he’s hated them, Continue Reading

Celebrity Makeup Artist Does My Makeup ft. MakeupByMario

– Hi sisters. – Hi sisters. – James Charles here and welcome back to YouTube channel. As you guys can see, I’m with a very, very special guest. Magic. Makeup by Mario, Mario Dedivanovic. King, we’re here in the studio set up you guys. A few weeks ago, we did Continue Reading

Would you wear this hairstyle? | Twist Wrap Ponytail | Cute Girls Hairstyles

(rhythmic guitar music) – Ki guys, it’s Katie. – And it’s Charlie. – And we’re with Abellas Braids. We’re here to show you a really cool, but super simple, ponytail hairstyle. It’s great for back to school. It’s great for any occasion really, any everyday hair style. So let’s get Continue Reading