Trotsky vs. Stalin – The Struggle for Lenin’s Succession (1924-1929)

On his deathbed, Lenin attempted to ensure unified leadership within his party. After his death in 1924, Lev Trotsky, his most trusted follower, was disposed of by Stalin, who eventually forced him into exile to Central Asia, Turkey and finally Mexico, where Trotsky would be assassinated. Lenin had condemned Stalin Continue Reading

Western and Soviet Literature after the Great War

The communist revolution in Russia, the Great War, the Stock market crash in 1929, the Spanish civil war and the imminent threat of a new war during the 1930s. These events certainly influenced literature published during these years. New literary movements erupted, and writers sought a beacon of hope for Continue Reading

1,400 Filipino soldiers versus 40,000 communist Chinese during Korean War

what is going on guys back at it again another video you guys know what is it’s your boy careful anyways man so I recently the video about how powerful is the Philippines you guys haven’t checked out go check it out go check it out anyways one of you Continue Reading

Slavoj Žižek on Refugees, Conservatism, and Cultural Incompatibility

We who try to be decent people are bombarded by some kind of moral political pressure from two sides: First there is the worst one, of course, this anti-immigrant populous side like why should we even allow refugees in; it’s their fault; third world travel and so on, there are Continue Reading

Geography Now! Albania

You know how in high school there’s always like that one little emo kid that just kind of keeps to themselves and sits in the corner? But then about 10 years later at the reunion you find out they actually have a lot of friends and they’re pretty cool. That’s Continue Reading

An Exiled Man’s Return To Prague After Communism

[MUSIC PLAYING] INTERVIEWER: The Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic, is one of the more heavily trafficked tourist destinations in central Europe. Each year countless visitors walk across the bridge, take pictures of the ornate statues lining the causeway, and move on. But this picture is a little different. It’s Continue Reading

The Atlantic Slave Trade: Crash Course World History #24

Hi, my name is John Green, this is Crash Course World History and today we’re gonna talk about slavery. Slavery is not funny. In fact, it is very near the top of the list of things that aren’t funny, so today’s episode is gonna be a little light on the Continue Reading

An Interview with the Leader of the DPR: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 106)

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Flag Friday! ETHIOPIA (Geography Now!)

Hey Geograpeeps, welcome to Flag Friday. Today’s episode is gonna be a heavy one, because we’re gonna discuss Ethiopia which has a lot of symbolism, and a lot of backstory behind it. First of all, small minor mistake I made in the episode. This is actually not the President of Continue Reading

Mongolia cancels registration of 14 N. Korean ships operating under Mongolian flag

UN member nations have been submitting their reports on how they are implementing sanctions on reclusive state. Pressure on Pyongyang seems apparent, especially with Ulaanbaatar cancelling North Korean ships operating under the Mongolian flag. Connie Kim has the latest in global efforts to reign in the communist regime. Mongolia, historically Continue Reading