Warhammer 40k batrep, Genestealer Cult V Astra Militarum

welcome to root stem gaming and I’m down at Granger’s house for a 2000 point new gene Steele occult codex versus Granger’s Imperial Guard we’ve rolled up for the missions we’re gonna use tactical objective cards that don’t normally do that on my channel because I like to have a Continue Reading

What is a cult film? | Meredith Minute

No matter how much you love a good movie, you’re not likely to want to watch it over and over for years to come. Unless, of course, it’s a cult film. We attach the word “cult” to a film that has been embraced by its fans with a passion that Continue Reading

Is therianthropy / the therian community a CULT? [ANALYSIS]

* oooo fancy new intro * Hi everyone, welcome back to a brand new video of PD PinkDolphin. Yep, that’s me! And with little Koda! In this video we’ll be talking about cults and more specifically: is therianthropy or the Therian Community a cult or not? I didn’t want to Continue Reading

Koolaid Cults and Eyebrows – The Antichrist and His Shameless Lack of Eyebrows

Social media spectacularly reveals how uncreative and unimaginative so many people are, and how unaware they are that every thought they have ever had has already been thought, and everything which they think is new and clever is actually really old, stale and boring, and been done countless times before. Continue Reading

Revival Fellowship Cult & Speaking in Tongues RCI Church Centres International Part 4 of 4

and while we’re on the subject just to fucking end this off what about the book of Revelation hmm book of Revelation clearly tells us what tongues are all about and its from Jesus’s mouth Jesus’s mouth himself Jesus the Christ right Revelation 7:9 after this I beheld and lo Continue Reading

I Went to a Cult Meeting & Met Thatcher’s Ghost

Hello viewers. Would you like to receive spiritual messages from Margaret Thatcher? That’s what I thought. [laughing] Would you like some advice on diplomacy from ghost Margaret Thatcher coming to you through the possessed body of a Japanese man? Yeah, me too. That’s why I made this video. [kissing noise] Continue Reading

QuasiLuminous And The Flat Earth Cult | Blood Over Intent Madness Must Be stopped

Have you ever heard of a man, who calls himself QuasiLuminous? Well, you see, QuasiLuminous is the leader of a particularly strange branch of the Flat Earth movement. What kind of strangeness am I talking about, you ask? Well well well, let me explain this to you… QuasiLuminous, the cult Continue Reading

Real Life Vampire: Vampire Loving Mother Sucks Human Blood, Twilight Style

COMM: Vampires have been the subject of books and plays for centuries. Today, these scary fictional characters appear in countless movies and hit TV series. But one woman from Pennsylvania has taken her vampire obsession further. 45-year-old mum-of-three, Julia Caples, has been drinking live human blood for over 30 years. Continue Reading

Cult Bikes ep.4 | Honda VTR SP-1/SP-2 “The Ducati Nemesis” [ENG SUBTITLES]

Hello Riders and welcome from Your MadHorse! Welcome back in another “Cult Bikes” episode This time We’ll Talk about the Honda VTR 1000 (Sp1 and Sp2) This bike was commercialized starting from 2000 The 1 model of this bike was the Sp1 (2000-2001) and his evolution: Sp2 (2002-2006) this bike Continue Reading