Would The World Be A Better Place Without Religion?| AJ+

What causes much of the world’s conflicts? Well, if you agree with these guys, they’d say religion is the catalyst for almost all of the world’s violence. I think faith based religion is the mother lode of bad ideas. People will kill each other’s children for ancient books and caves Continue Reading

Lawrence Krauss: Is Xenophobia Inherent in Organized Religion?

It’s hard to lump religion which comes in many different forms, shapes, sizes and viewed many ways by different people in a single framework. Ultimately, I think religion is a negative force for humanity because what it does – at least organized religion around the world is it implies things Continue Reading

Battle of Lipany – Hussite Wars 1419-1434 – European Wars of Religion DOCUMENTARY

This video was suggested and sponsored by our Patreon supporter Renae Malgrem. Supporting us on Patreon is the best way to propose and sponsor a new video. Although the Catholic Church dominated life in medieval Europe, its power was not unchallenged and was tested by different movements within Christianity. The Continue Reading

Do Religions Really Cause Violence?

hey everyone thanks for tuning into test-tube plus today I'm trace this is episode five of five on our series about God if you haven't tuned in to our show before make sure you check out our other episodes about God we do five episodes in a row about one Continue Reading