2 CREEPY Cult/Witchcraft Stories

I am a teenager living in Kansas and I sneak out of my house on a fairly regular basis. One night at around 2am my friend Keaton and I were smoking weed in a junk yard. we would always hang out there, at its a really big junkyard, we had Continue Reading

What Mormons Believe: Cult

Well, let’s talk about being a part of a cult now whether or not you believe that Mormons belong to a cult, when you tell them that they do it kind of comes across as a four-letter word and it makes it seem like you’re just ruling off their beliefs Continue Reading

Toilets You Can Trust Everytime

good morning I should get going It’s actually really early. I’m up for meetings. I can get dressed really quick. Stay it’s okay relax. The door lock behind you so just take your time. Make yourself at home. Okay. Have a good day. bye. bye. “Singing in the shower”

3 True Stories About INSANE CULTS

Number One A friend of mine in Japan had a sister who got involved with a weird cult over there. They meant by the name of Aum Skinrikyo The Supreme Truth. It was led by a guru, Shoko Asahara. A man who literally declared himself to be Christ reborn. He Continue Reading

Fat Facebook, Stolen panties, Communist Prom, & more in today’s DAILY DOSE OF WEIRD NEWS!!

I’m Darren Marlar and this is your Daily Dose of Weird News… Facebook pulled the “feeling fat” emoticon from its list of status updates on Tuesday, after an online petition called for its removal. Grad student and playwright Catherine Weingarten, alongside the advocacy group Endangered Bodies, had launched a petition Continue Reading

Pastor Gets Shot In Church

We just have too much fun sometimes. But I gotta tell ya, it IS fun! We went out as a staff and tested it out and it’s actually… a guy from our own church is developing this and hopefully it’ll catch on nation-wide, this Archery Tag. And we went out Continue Reading

The 10 CRAZIEST RELIGIONS in the World!

– Alright, see you my man. Oh that? Oh, Buddha lives right above me. He’s actually pretty noisy. He parties a lot. So I’ve never been a religious person simply because I find that the rules that the major religions require to live their lives by just don’t make sense Continue Reading

5 Insane Religious Cults That Actually Exist

Hello everyone! And welcome back to Top 10 Trends. Today, all throughout the world people subscribe to different belief systems, and it’s probably a lot more common than you think for people to be lured into a cult. Often times it can be very difficult to tell a New Age Continue Reading

(R) – Socialist Obama Wants You To Eat Fruits & Vegetables!

republic congressman paul brown of georgia didn’t really take an idea of the republican democrat sitting together at the state of the union he thought it was a democratic conspiracy dating together every uh… kitty kitty is just another way to trust volatile public into and when people stand up Continue Reading