Surprising truth about the American Flag and Pledge

Hello and welcome to another episode of The “Really?” Show. Where we report on the funny weird and interesting things we find online. I’m your host Aaron Ross. Today’s show, “The Flag Pledge Surprise” The Origins of the First American Flag are a Mystery? From an article on “How Stuff Continue Reading

10 Conspiracy Theories that Turned Out to Be True! – Part 2

– By now, we’ve all heard some crazy conspiracy stories, everything from the government is trying to control your thoughts through flu shots to big brother is able to hear everything that you do through your cell phone, but how many of these conspiracy theories are true? Well, surprisingly, more Continue Reading

10 Songs with CREEPY Hidden Messages!

– Your favorite song? It might just have a deeper meaning. ♫ He murdered the master and our business ♫ He murdered them all Tales of subliminal messages, calls from Satan, and hidden messages when played backwards have been swirling around music for a very long time. But how much Continue Reading

SIBLING PRANK WARS! (Brother VS Sister) | Brent Rivera

Urban Creek Bass DESTROY 10" Topwater Rat Bait!!!


Sitting with the Elephants

1 Nationalist VS. 100 Antifa