Every State in the US

This is “Every State in the US” by Wendover Productions and made possible by The Great Courses Plus. We’ll start with Alabama, the first state alphabetically. Magnolia Springs, Alabama is the only town in America to have their mail delivered by boat, although the longest mail delivery route in America Continue Reading

The 10 CRAZIEST RELIGIONS in the World!

– Alright, see you my man. Oh that? Oh, Buddha lives right above me. He’s actually pretty noisy. He parties a lot. So I’ve never been a religious person simply because I find that the rules that the major religions require to live their lives by just don’t make sense Continue Reading

7 MYTHS You Still Believe About RELIGION!

– Religion. It comes in many, many different forms and just as many different names and rules. But the vast number of religions and sheer number of faithful that are out there have led to some very wrong assumptions. This is Myths You Still Believe, the series all about explaining Continue Reading

9 Crazy Religions You Have Probably Never Heard Of

9 Crazy Religions You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Today we’re going to learn about 9 crazy religions you’ve probably never heard of. I get that religion is a pretty fucked up topic, but come on, how weird can they possibly be? Trust me, some of this stuff is really “out Continue Reading

Top 15 Secret Messages in Famous Songs

15. 99 Luftballons – Nena The 80’s German hit was a catchy jam with an endearing melody, not only in Germany, but everywhere in the world. But, unless you were fluent in German, the hit’s secret meaning went over most people’s heads. The US overlooked much of the German lyrics, Continue Reading

10 Conspiracy Theories that Turned Out to Be True! – Part 2

– By now, we’ve all heard some crazy conspiracy stories, everything from the government is trying to control your thoughts through flu shots to big brother is able to hear everything that you do through your cell phone, but how many of these conspiracy theories are true? Well, surprisingly, more Continue Reading

10 Songs with CREEPY Hidden Messages!

– Your favorite song? It might just have a deeper meaning. ♫ He murdered the master and our business ♫ He murdered them all Tales of subliminal messages, calls from Satan, and hidden messages when played backwards have been swirling around music for a very long time. But how much Continue Reading

Every Country in the World (Part 1)

This is every country in the world… by Wendover Productions. We’ll start with Afghanistan, the first country alphabetically. Afghanistan is one of the few countries worldwide to be offset from Greenwich Mean Time by a 30 minute interval, its at GMT +4:30, while China is one of the many countries Continue Reading

10 Amazing Tips from Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

if you want to get your life in order you definitely have to start watching this show welcome to MS mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 organization tips we learned on tidying up with Marie Kondo I'm decluttering my life you know Marie Kondo Continue Reading