Scott the Woz Enjoys Earth

(Eiffel 65 – I’m Blue) Did you know you can listen to your modern phone music with the konami laser scope! *dad dances epicly*

Is Islam The New Communism?

Just 10 years after the Cold War and the threat of Communism were put to bed, the US was the victim of an Al-Qaeda terrorist attack, now known as 9/11. But rather than attributing the attacks to the specific group Al-Qaeda, the government and media declared the enemy’s name as Continue Reading

Slavoj Žižek on Refugees, Conservatism, and Cultural Incompatibility

We who try to be decent people are bombarded by some kind of moral political pressure from two sides: First there is the worst one, of course, this anti-immigrant populous side like why should we even allow refugees in; it’s their fault; third world travel and so on, there are Continue Reading

Bill Cooper – Mystery Babylon Hours 11 – 15 #41 #42 #43 #46 #47

Hour 11:The Assassins (aired March 1st, 1993) You’re listening to the Hour of the Time and I’m your host, William Cooper. (Intro music: In the Hall of the Mountain King) 103 [Reading from A History of Secret Societies]: Two men in the year 1092 stood on the ramparts of a Continue Reading

The Suspicious Assassination of JFK

(heart beating) (siren wailing) – This week on Buzzfeed Unsolved, we cover the assassination of John F. Kennedy, a topic of controversy for over five decades. Was there actually a conspiracy? What do you think? I’m sure you are well-versed in this one already. – I know the broad strokes. Continue Reading

The JFK Assassination – What Really Happened?

What do we know (and not know) about the JFK Assassination They say that everybody who was alive at the time remembers the day it happened, and that it was one of the most shocking events in recent American history. A president rides along in an open-top limousine on a Continue Reading

10 Conspiracy Theories that Turned Out to Be True! – Part 2

– By now, we’ve all heard some crazy conspiracy stories, everything from the government is trying to control your thoughts through flu shots to big brother is able to hear everything that you do through your cell phone, but how many of these conspiracy theories are true? Well, surprisingly, more Continue Reading

Soviet Generals Loved Clear Cola

– [Narrator] We’re all familiar with Coca-Cola. But this is also Coke. It’s said that clear Coke was a top secret project made exclusively for a thirsty Red Russian. (light music) – Ah, so good. – [Narrator] During World War II, Coca-Cola made a global splash, boosting American troops’ morale. Continue Reading

10 Crazy Conspiracies That Turned Out to be True

Conspiracy theories will always fire up the imaginations of even the most reasonable of us. It’s fascinating to imagine a bunch of people in a dark room, controlling actions from their chairs and encouraging events that change the course of the world, with no one truly being the wiser. Now, Continue Reading

Vin Jay- Society Exposed

yeah come on cut cut could come up yeah yeah love y'all I feel like I live dozens of lives and there's more to this life than with money provide still be young breakin backs now just to get by go to school to get a job on pay enough Continue Reading