My Testimony: Called Out of the Church System

sounding the alarm comm warning the events and issues of this broadcast are real and eternal this is Trevor Davis sounding the alarm today is December 16 2018 the Spirit of the Lord it just has he has spoken to the prophets and apostles the disciples of Jesus in the Continue Reading

NXIVM Sex Cult Leader Keith Raniere Found Guilty On All Charges | NBC News Now

Is Outback Steakhouse A Satanic Cult?

( upbeat music plays )Welcome back! Okay, if we’ve proven anything on this show, it’s that we can spot a conspiracy. And sometimes it helps when somebody else spots a conspiracy first and then we can just confirm it and add to it, and that’s what’s gonna happen today, Link. Continue Reading


Hey everyone! I’m gunnarolla and I’m starting a cult. [mysterious music] So last week I uploaded a video and G Bennet, a very active viewer who’s been with me since 2013 left this comment: “This is INCREDIBLE. More more more.” So I, a good YouTuber, replied: “Where should we go Continue Reading

Exposing A YouTube Cult – RealiTEA

Welcome to RealiTEA, the show where Dad dives into a big cup of juicy drama gossip rumor tea. This week on RealiTEA, we take a look at five individuals. Five people who were so interested in a boring regular old normal average dad that they felt the need to investigate Continue Reading

Shane Dawson Says He Doesn’t “Feel Confident” Despite Success

Shane Dawson apologized to his fans for the lack of social media post admitting he is struggling with confidence issues from Ricci B studios You’re watching. What’s trending? I’m Casey Spivey Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more social media news daily and ring the bell to stay up-to-date Continue Reading

What is the Finders Cult?

Lizardmen and Other CRAZY Beliefs Americans Hold

there are the results of a survey by the public policy calling to ask the american public to sell these crazy things that you might or might not believe in we’ve got the results and maybe you’re not surprised the american public policing crazy things soaring through feel free to Continue Reading

The Cult of Kek

hey everyone I’m Alexandra and there’s a lot of want to get to in this video today I also want you to know that the definitions and explanations kind of build on each other so if you’re new to my channel check out some of my other videos that I’ve Continue Reading

Cult Witness (Cult Documentary) | Real Stories

How long is it since you left? Two years. Al little more than two years. So not long really. It seems long to me. It’s a new life. It’s wonderful. It’s like an awakening from a bad dream. I say it isn’t long, because on the grand scheme of things Continue Reading