Economist Richard Wolff on ‘Communism’ & ‘Capitalism’ As Universal Terms

joining us today is Richard both he is professor emeritus of economics at my alma mater the University of Massachusetts currently a visiting professor at The New School University in New York City professor I wanted to talk you about this idea of capitalism as a well as one single Continue Reading

Communism More Popular Than NRA Position

so like i said i plan on the t_v_ and marisa winners afi staring at me using this saying tired portis ordinance that the n_r_a_ has picked up in recent times just forward over and here’s the thing about wayne lapierre right it would be one thing if you were Continue Reading

Diana West: American Betrayal the Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character

Thank you for that very gracious introduction, generous Katie. I’m very glad to be here with everyone tonight on the 69th anniversary of D-Day and also the 64th anniversary of the publication of 1984, which are two events that seem related more and more. This is the first formal presentation Continue Reading

Liberal or Conservative, or something else?

hello today we’re going to be going over the difference in political affiliations we’re going to be looking at why Barack Obama is a Noodle and why Donald Trump is in fact a communication no hello I’m Matt dumb and this is jackwagon we’re we’re a hundred percent guaranteed to Continue Reading

UNCENSORED. Irish Communist, Jen Gennai admits censoring Conservatives. Project Veritas spy camera

The reason why I decided to come to Project Veritas is because… …people need to know what’s actually going on with Google. There’s this facade about what they’re doing. But what they’re actually doing, what the employees are actually seeing inside the company, is different. They’re not an objective source Continue Reading

The Maastricht Debate 2019 – Who will be the next President of the European Commission?

you every five years the new president is elected to the European Commission tonight the candidates for the presidency come together to defend their positions and why they are best suited for the job the candidate for the party of the European left his Violeta Tomich France timmermans is the Continue Reading

FACT CHECK: Venezuela’s “that’s not real socialism” is actually real socialism

Pags: Whenever you bring up Venezuela, they always say, “That’s not the socialism we mean.” Let’s talk about what you know is happening in Venezuela, which is, in fact, socialism. That’s what it is. That’s what this country would look like if we gave into that. You still have family Continue Reading

IDEAS HAVE CONSEQUENCES: What caused the greatest freedom upswell in history?

Shapiro: The Left has a narrative that the United States is rooted in racism, sexism, bigotry, and homophobia. To them, all disparities are discrimination. If they are confronted with the fact that not all disparities are discrimination and that, in fact, personal choice has a lot to do with both Continue Reading

Fox News Call Conservative Ben Stein a “Communist”

okay and ben stein on fox news ben stein saying he’s a conservative economist he went on fox news and said hey we need to raise taxes on rich people and it’s called the communists the school class what happens will i have to sell all my unicorn hamels itself Continue Reading

Professor Richard Wolff Interviewed About Socialism Claims, Christine O’Donnell

his mid-week politics with gabe pressman what about the politics and david hackman joining us on the phone and on skype by conceding that’s sitting in front of some books and looks like a sunny day here in new york city professor emeritus of economics at my alma mater alma Continue Reading