Finding and interpreting a confidence interval for a population mean (σ unknown)

Howdy! I’m Professor Curtis of Aspire Mountain Academy here with more statistics homework help. Today we’re going to learn how to find and interpret a confidence interval for a population mean when the population standard deviation is unknown. Here’s our problem statement: A clinical trial was conducted to test the Continue Reading

7 Ways To Be A (MORE) Confident Salesperson

– Have you ever gotten knocked down on your ass and when you get back up, you just lose your confidence and you say to yourself I just really am not feeling that confidence anymore? It’s so common and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. What we need to do Continue Reading

Calculating the Confidence interval for a mean using a formula – statistics help

Calculating a confidence interval for a mean using a formula. To find out about confidence intervals, watch our video “Understanding Confidence Intervals.” This video introduces the traditional way to find a confidence interval for a mean using a formula. Usually we just get the computer to calculate the confidence interval Continue Reading

15 Most Awkward Social Mistakes – Improve Your Confidence & Charisma in Conversation

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video, we’ll discuss the most common slip ups that many people make in social situations and how you can overcome them with class and grace. It’s no secret that socializing seems to come more naturally to some people than to others; there Continue Reading


Hey guys, thanks for joining this week. We are talking about something that I know we can all use and I know this is going to be one of those videos that you can just watch over and over again if you’re ever Needing a little dose of confidence in Continue Reading

How To Be More Confident – The Spacing Exercise

Improvement pill here today I’m gonna show you a simple little exercise you can challenge yourself to do the next time you’re in public this is something that I believe will help increase your levels of confidence and self-esteem over time because this is something that I did a lot Continue Reading

Start Something with The Prince’s Trust – Confidence. Courses. Careers.

What? You think just because I was a roadman I can’t do something else? I might have been homeless but I’ve always had a job to do I had kind of absolutely no means of capital Because I do! So I started something One single opportunity I’d never have a Continue Reading

How To Change Your Negative Thoughts To Positive Thoughts [Belief Ladders]

5 Secrets To Achieving Extraordinary Self Confidence, Build Your Self-Esteem – Marisa Peer

Confidence and self acceptance

Where’s my cup? What do you mean where’s your cup? I mean, where’s my cup? Wait do you have a cup? My cup? Yo, what the… I just lost it right now I’m bouta… yep. Okay. Oh, why? Because I’m so small. What’s up everybody! Welcome back to Boxed Wine Continue Reading