Part 4 • Karen Armstrong Interview on Ethics & Problems Today of Achieving Religious Literacy

Sahil Badruddin: On various occasions, you’ve said that religions share similar core values and ethics and humanity, in general, shares the same desires and worries. In this spirit, do you think it would be productive — so, that we as a humanity can come together — if humanity was to Continue Reading

Part 6 • Karen Armstrong Interview on Religious Institutions & Her Personal Journey/Search

Sahil Badruddin: You’ve often also shared that religious institutions don’t always display the full spectrum, understanding, and values inherent in a religious tradition. I also mean, like, people have a difficult time separating religious institutions from the religion itself— Dr. Karen Armstrong: Yes. SB: —And this leads to people becoming Continue Reading

Part 7 • Karen Armstrong Interview on Her Vision for the Future

SB: You’ve spoken about your vision for compassion, could you name a specific objective, perhaps you see the world can achieve let’s say in 25 years? Then what insights and suggestions would you offer that might address and achieve this vision, within the time frame of 25 years? Dr. Armstrong: Continue Reading

Part 1 • Karen Armstrong Interview on Applying the Golden Rule & Teaching Compassion

Sahil Badruddin: The Golden Rule to treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves, you’ve often mentioned is the foundation of the virtue of compassion. Dr. Karen Armstrong: Yes. SB: While easier said than done, it’s actually a very difficult commitment. In a way— Dr. Armstrong: It is. SB: Continue Reading

Part 3 • Karen Armstrong Interview on The Charter for Compassion Moving Forward

Sahil Badruddin: Going back to the Charter for Compassion, which has over two million signatories, what’s currently happening with it, and what are your future plans for it? Dr. Karen Armstrong: We’re coming to a turning point now because Joan Brown Campbell who has managed it for years, she’s retiring Continue Reading

Part 2 • Karen Armstrong Interview on Materialism, Nationalism & Tribalism Impacting Our Compassion

Sahil Badruddin: In the current climate we’re seeing, as you mentioned, less humility, less openness to other perspectives, instead people are becoming more convinced of the rectitude of their own views— Dr. Karen Armstrong: Yes. SB: —in a sense, we’re seeing more tribalistic and nationalistic tendencies. Dr. Armstrong: Yes, we Continue Reading

My descent into America’s neo-Nazi movement — and how I got out | Christian Picciolini

My journey away from violent extremism began 22 years ago, when I denounced racism and left the American white supremacist skinhead movement that I had helped build. (Cheers and applause) I was just 22 years old at the time, but I had already spent eight years, from the time I Continue Reading

Jordan Peterson on the “Not Real Communism” Fallacy

And if you think that you can transform what we have already now into some kind of utopia then You’re dangerous because that isn’t how the world works and utopians have been more dangerous than any other people for the last hundred years that’s for sure. Like there’s all sorts Continue Reading

What is Falun Gong and Why is it Persecuted? | China Uncensored

On this episode of China Uncensored, What is Falun Gong, and Why is it Persecuted? Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I’m your host, Chris Chappell. July 20 is the 15 year anniversary of the Chinese regime’s persecution of Falun Gong. To mark it, I’ve decided to compile everything I’ve said Continue Reading

Barriers of Prison Re-entry: Society's Judgement on Criminal Records | Albert Moreno | TEDxUSFSP

so when I was informed that I was going to be a speaker tonight I did what I felt was pretty natural informed all my family and friends that I was granted this outstanding opportunity and I would evolve and beyond that I pestered and bothered random people who I Continue Reading