MULTI CULT * Needs your help!

Try to focus. Can you do it? Love Love is the ethic we need! I lead with love online, in my videos, and in-person, at my show. The purpose of this ceremony is to make a container in which we can be transformed by embracing different perspectives because time is Continue Reading

It All Starts With Self-Belief | LinkedIn

♪ [music] ♪ – What pushed me through is self-belief. – A lot of the barriers are just fears, right. We’re just scared of the unknown. – Believing in yourself isn’t something that happens overnight. – It starts within yourself, in your heart, and being able to get up every Continue Reading

Mass at SLU’s St. Francis Xavier College Church

The 9 pm. masses have always been welcoming. Whenever I come I’ve always been greeted with a smile and a big hug from somebody This 9 p.m. mass is really upbeat and the sermons are incredibly relatable and really apply to my life as a college student and something that Continue Reading

The Committee: 9-Children in Church | Chuck Knows Church

So what do you think, you just gonna wait down here until your class starts? It’s not going to be to long? No way, boring. I’m kinda’ hungry, dad. Oh, it’s not boring, okay? It’s only boring when Mr. Riley goes off on one of his agendas, which we don’t Continue Reading

What Bigfoot Can Teach Us About Belief

[ Music ]>>Alright. So, let’s think about Bigfoot. Bigfoot — you may have heard of Bigfoot. But for those of you who have not heard of Bigfoot, Bigfoot is an eight to ten-foot tall ape-like bipedal creature who lives mostly in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Bigfoot has Continue Reading