Towards Energy Democracy

My name is Anna Galkina and I work for Platform in London and I’m also part of the Switched on London campaign. I’m David Boys, Deputy General Secretary with Public Services International, which is the global trade union federation representing twenty million workers in a hundred and fifty countries. My Continue Reading

Diversity Eroding Social Cohesion in the West

[Music] diversity in our nation and the strength of diversity in our nation see our diversity in America not as something to fear but it’s something to welcome because it’s a source of our natural national strength draws its strength from its diversity diversity is the Democratic Party’s greatest strength Continue Reading

Communities and Community Users in Your Salesforce Org

By the end of this video, you’ll be ableto Describe a community’s position as partof a Salesforce org Understand the differences between communitieslicensing tiers Understand how community users are provisionedvia accounts Whether you call it a portal (community1),a help forum (community2), a support site (community2), HR central (community3), anonline community Continue Reading

Meet the Fedora community

Fedora Diversity Team#fedora-diversity Fedora me dió mucha exposición para contribuir en múltiples maneras y para un nuevo contribuyente, esto es más que conveniente. Encontré que la pasión y emoción que la comunidad de Fedora tiene por crear soluciones son muy inspiradoras. Disfruto aprender cosas nuevas de sus miembros y Continue Reading