Larry Pratt: ‘Full-Bore Marxist’ Obama Stole The Election

an ambiguity that link that i had a fairly active implied senator close intended anymore that he is not the president any cops traditional republican where the president kim certain payment and believing that the president cannot do according to the president melt drop obama-clinton just about pain-killing i need Continue Reading

Glenn Beck: Obama ‘Has All the Earmarks of Marxist Dictator’

alright Glenn Beck says the Brock Obama has all the earmarks a Marxist dictator this was of course related to the lackluster rollout the Affordable Care Act website how that connects the marxist dictatorship I don’t know but let’s see if one back can explain it to us just asking Continue Reading

National Socialism WAS Socialism | Rethinking WW2 History

What is National Socialism? National Socialism. National Communism. Whoa? Wait a second. WHAT? Yeah. Let me explain. According to Marxists, modern society is capitalist. And communism is the goal. Socialism is what happens on the way to communism. (Yes, I’m being super simple here, but this is the basic gist.) Continue Reading

CUBA’s Black Market – Where Capitalism Meets Street Smarts

Some Cubans choose to earn their living in the black market. It’s a tough way to make a buck. Marco works six days a week fixing lighters, and barely makes ends meet. He earns two pesos – about 8 cents – for each repair. If they’re well and truly broken, Continue Reading

Glenn Beck: Democrats Want A ‘Marxist Utopia’

Glenn Beck is gonna tell you what the democrats secret plan is apparently I missed the memo on this one wasn’t is the president willing to pull the trigger is he willing to say to hell with it all because it would only help him transform the entire world republicans Continue Reading

Has Cuba Turned Capitalist?

Some of you have probably heard that Cuba might change its constitution. As of recording this video, the constitutional amendments are being discussed by the citizens of Cuba, who are going to feed back suggestions to the Parliament, until eventually the public will vote to either accept or reject the Continue Reading

Marsellesa Socialista! The Socialist Marseillaise! (English Lyrics)

Against the shame of the present, Socialism, will emerge! Salvation, true liberation, that has become our reality! That has become our reality! We will seal history with blood, with our footprint of strength and triumph! The party will give those who fight, a worthy example of action against evil! Socialists, Continue Reading

How Democracy Works in Cuba

If you live in any of these countries, and by these countries I really mean this country, it may come as a shock to you that Cuba is not a totalitarian dictatorship ruled by a single person. In fact, Cuba has a very interesting system of participatory democracy that I’m Continue Reading

A Marxist Analysis of Marxist Analyses

MISSION IXXO: $OPERATION MEDUSA In a helicopter miles off of the ground, a man in a trenchcoat stood. And afront his gaze, a round of soldiers. 10, lines up. Their faces filled with determination. But their eyes to the ground. Their looks; that of dismay. Fear. Fear had held a Continue Reading

On Marxism in America, the Communist China Threat, Unconventional Warfare & Hong Kong—Joshua Philipp

 How does communist ideology manifest in the current political landscape? How did Marxhis followers endeavor to rewrite history?  What are some major misconceptions people have about socialismcommunism,the end results of these ideologies?  What are the origins of Antifa? And what is the purpose of the violence they frequently engage in? Continue Reading