Alaska Reality Shows Get Sarah Palin Socialist Tax Credits

David: If you’re like me, Louis, you’re probably into some of these different reality shows that are on TV, and the ones I’m specifically talking about are ones like, for example, “Flying Wild Alaska”, and there’s “Ice Road Truckers”, “Gold Rush Alaska”, so on and so forth. And… you’ve heard Continue Reading

Is Democracy Dangerous? | The School of Lady Leshurr

MAN: Right, this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. A hard-fought election campaign. I’m ready to announce the winner. [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: The School of Life is sendingsome of YouTube’s most popular creatorson a series of field trips,to explore some of philosophy’s most intriguing ideas.This time…♪ I Continue Reading

Ghosts Of Socialism: Part Three ~ Leninfall

Ghosts Of Socialism Part Three ~ Leninfall Ghosts Of Socialism A Series by Matthew J. O’Toole Part Three ~ Leninfall Filmed in Kiev, Ukraine.

Blanquism | Wikipedia audio article

Blanquism refers to a conception of revolution generally attributed to Louis Auguste Blanqui (1805–1881) which holds that socialist revolution should be carried out by a relatively small group of highly organised and secretive conspirators. Having seized power, the revolutionaries would then use the power of the state to introduce socialism. Continue Reading

Old Left | Wikipedia audio article

The Old Left is the pre-1960s left-wing in the Western world, the earlier leftist or Marxist movements that had often taken a more vanguardist approach to social justice and focused mostly on labor unionization and questions of social class in the West.==History of the New Left== The New Left arose Continue Reading

Oktobersong! Октябрьская песня! Song of October! (English Lyrics)

The workers have been told the “End” is here, and the farmers are told, “It’s time”! They drove Kerensky off his throne, and the traditions of the past! And that was in October, that was how it was, in Petrograd, in Russia, in the seventeenth year! The soldier had handed Continue Reading

China’s Great Leap Backward

– On October 1st, 1949, Mao Zedong announced the formation of the People’s Republic of China. In his speech he declared victory over nationalists and imperialists, and stated his intention to protect the people’s lives and property, to relieve the people of their sufferings and to struggle for their rights. Continue Reading

My Adventures in “Socialist Country” presented by Ben Powell

– Thank you for coming to this afternoon’s event. My name is Doug Irwin. I’m a professor in the economics department and co-teaching Government 68: The Future of Capitalism this quarter. The Political Economy Project sponsors a lot of public events. I just want to highlight the next one which Continue Reading

Dinesh D’Souza reveals why Trump won and how he can do it again

D’Souza: I think we all realize how closely this country avoided a massive debacle. We dodged not a bullet. We dodged a missile, and we dodged it… I’m very happy to award congratulations around the room, but we dodged it despite us, not because of us. Many of us were Continue Reading