World Of Kaiserreich – US Civil War – part 4 – Pacific States

A Long time ago, America was a nation of vast opportunity and promise, and she still is. Because America is still alive. Behind the Rockies, free cities of America endure. The blooming deserts of Utah to the cold Pacific Northwest. The men that built the West opposed the tyrants from Continue Reading

American Death Cult has MILLIONS worshipping FAKE SCIENCE!

World Of Kaiserreich – US Civil War – part 3 – American Union State

Brexit Election? What About Yemen…

Its incredibly frustrating for me when people keep calling it the Brexit election. I’m like, you think about, what’s the worst things that the British state is doing right now? The worst is climate change, and its almost in a different category altogether, not dealing with climate change is just Continue Reading

“No” on Impeachment Unites Today’s GOP. In the 1950s, a Renegade Dared to Break Ranks | Retro Report

-We followed the president’s orders. Even after the revelations of the impeachment hearings, nearly every Republican in Congress is sticking by the president. -The Democrats have gathered zero Republicans’ support in the House of Representatives for their impeachment crusade. Breaking ranks with party leadership often carries a political risk. That’s Continue Reading

The True Story of 6 Remarkable Sisters

This video is supported by The Great Courses Plus. [DAVID] “I’m normal, my wife is normal, but my daughters are which more foolish than the other. Nancy writes lies about me, Diana’s the most hated woman in the country, Jessica’s missing off the face of the earth, and Unity is Continue Reading

Communist Hay Day Part 3

no mercy Steve welcome back comrades today we will continue our simulation and explore more capitalist pigs as today is the time where the Great leader case was I know number the great leader Stalin will pay capitalist as he won’t set when we hang the capitalist their assess work Continue Reading

The Truth About The Crisis In The Catholic Church

there’s been an explosion within the church in these past few months we can witness to the investigations done in the state of Pennsylvania in which there are supposedly over 300 cases of priests that have have been abusive to to minors we can see also the explosion around the Continue Reading

She Survived History’s Greatest Mass Murderer | Guest: Li Zhao | Ep 39

– Welcome to Kibbe on Liberty. We’re broadcasting almost live at the Atlas Network meeting in New York City, and I’m talking to my friend (beeps) who grew up under Mao’s China. We’re gonna hear some horror stories, we’re gonna talk about Hong Kong, and we’re gonna talk about why Continue Reading