Gus Rodriguez | Communism Controlled Journalism

That in Cuba the libraries are controlled by the government. There was no internet in Cuba during that time. So everything that I could read was in the official libraries owned by the government. So if you do research about any kind of point like freedom or like democracy or Continue Reading

Jacek Kuroń – The only successful operation by the communists in history (147/150)

How can I compare the situation before August with the situation after December, after December 13? On the one hand, it’s far worse, incomparably worse. Because everything that happened over those 16 months was one, huge lesson for the whole of society, but also for the Party apparatus and for Continue Reading

Why You Should be a Leftist

What one stands for doesn’t really matter. What matters is that they stand for something. This is something I believe in my heart of hearts. I’ve often been called a perfectionist and for good reason. I even those who can take it easy, who consider politics a life or death Continue Reading

Former PM on Moldova’s Future, the EU and Communism

Dumitru Braghis was prime minister of the Republic of Moldova during 16 months, being elected by communists and Christian democrats. But in 2001, when the Communist Party held the majority in the parliament, they preferred another cabinet chief, and Braghis remained in the opposition. Now he is the chairman of Continue Reading

Economist Richard Wolff on ‘Communism’ & ‘Capitalism’ As Universal Terms

joining us today is Richard both he is professor emeritus of economics at my alma mater the University of Massachusetts currently a visiting professor at The New School University in New York City professor I wanted to talk you about this idea of capitalism as a well as one single Continue Reading

Communism More Popular Than NRA Position

so like i said i plan on the t_v_ and marisa winners afi staring at me using this saying tired portis ordinance that the n_r_a_ has picked up in recent times just forward over and here’s the thing about wayne lapierre right it would be one thing if you were Continue Reading

Lil Alex Jones: Sharing Is Communism

– The enemy has infiltrated the classroom, folks! (suspenseful sound) The fifth day of September 2017, first day of fifth grade. The day I experienced firsthand the heinousness of communism Stalin, Mao, Castro, my new teacher, Miss (marker scratching) Abernathy. Look at this bubblegum. Gum I bought with my allowance, Continue Reading

Tomas Venclova – Why I didn’t condemn my father, a communist (14/88)

Well, I’m often asked, ‘And how could you get on with your father then?’ My father was a communist, he joined the Communist Party in 1950, six years before the Hungarian uprising and three years before Stalin’s death, but he only joined then, already after the war. And he always Continue Reading

Is Art Appreciation the One Thing Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders Might Agree On?

I blame the perception of art being liberal on Picasso because he was a card carrying communist. It’s interesting the artist who painted the great anti-fascist picture saw absolutely nothing wrong with totalitarian communism. And certainly most artists tend to be a liberal. I don’t think though that that means Continue Reading

Communism – The Birds Of Paradise (1987) + subs – song lyrics

Who are you Who am I? Is it real do we touch the sky? Nothing’s real – all disguise said the birds of paradise. I’m afraid can’t you see tell me where do you carry me. You will soon realize said the birds of paradise. Flying home Flying home to Continue Reading