Communist conjurings (Short soviet horror-com)

what the hell’s that what’s that thing outside then wait a minute all right what was that wait a minute where did it go that that’s it all right I’m going outside to investigate this all right I’m seeing what’s happening here all right where are ya must have missed Continue Reading

Lil Alex Jones: Sharing Is Communism

– The enemy has infiltrated the classroom, folks! (suspenseful sound) The fifth day of September 2017, first day of fifth grade. The day I experienced firsthand the heinousness of communism Stalin, Mao, Castro, my new teacher, Miss (marker scratching) Abernathy. Look at this bubblegum. Gum I bought with my allowance, Continue Reading

The Philosophy of Miyazaki – Wisecrack Edition

What’s up, guys? Jared again. Today we’re talking about the Walt Disney of anime, Hayao Miyazaki. With eleven feature films and over 125 major awards under his belt, Miyazaki has become a household name, even in the West. So, what gives the films of Miyazaki and his team of badasses Continue Reading

KFC is Illuminati

Before watching this make sure you have a napkin because, shit is about to get greasy. KFC KFC is red. Do you know what else is red? That is right. The color red. Red has three letters. KFC also has three letters. Three times three is nine. Seven ate nine, Continue Reading

Try Not To Laugh Challenge #4

Hello! Again. Everybody once more. It is time to get into this adventure that we call: “Try Not to Laugh” And when we don’t laugh, we’re never gonna laugh again. Because laughing is the only thing that brings us joy in life. And we wanna make sure that there is Continue Reading

Yes it IS Okay to Punch NAZIS (comedy)

is it okay to punch Nazis of course it is because they’re fucking evil and it’s also completely okay to take a long metal rod and shove it up a communist ass and rape in with it because raping is okay when someone has only thoughts rape will scare them Continue Reading

Cream by David Firth

After six years of splitting, stretching, and firing distorted particles at one another, we finally have a product. Cream. Facial blemishes will be a thing of the past. How about this botched nose job? This amputated stub isn’t a challenge for Cream. Hold on! How’s that possible? Using our smart Continue Reading

Author, Journalist, Stand-Up Comedian: Paul Krassner Interview – Political Comedy

we’re very happy to have Paul Krassner with us today on alternative views Paul resin is a legend both during and after his time Paul’s time was the 1960s when his unique political journal the realist contains some of the most advanced political satire and comedy of the day Paul Continue Reading

Lolly Adefope | Women In Bars Reading Tarot | The Pool

Crisps, or nuts? Maybe nuts? The reading has already begun, Lolly, this is the first bit! Hi, I’m Caroline O’Donoghue, I’m a journalist for The Pool, a novelist, a podcaster and also an amateur tarot fan. I’m here today with comedian Lolly Adefope to do her tarot and see what Continue Reading

Mitchell and Webb: “Are we the baddies?”

Very well. They are coming. Let us see how these Russians deal with a cracked SS Division. Uh.. Hans.. Have courage my friend! Uh, yeah, Hans.. I have just noticed something. These Communists are all cowards! No.. have you looked at our Caps recently? Our Caps? Yeah, the badges on Continue Reading