Congratulations Wayne State University Class of 2019!

Congratulations, Warriors! Congratulations class of 2019! Congratulations, Warriors! Congratulations, Warriors! Congratulations, Warriors! Congratulations, Warrior graduates! Congratulations, class of 2019! Congratulations, Warriors! Congratulations! Congratulations, class of 2019! Congratulations! Congratulations!

Crazy Graphs: Rich Vs Middle Class & Poor

republicans always made the claim that we have a rising tide lifts all boats trickle-down economics don’t wait leap years that we’re giving gigantic access to the rich by delegates we get the arrest our way to go on uh… i so that’s that’s what you say uh… well we Continue Reading

Advertisers: Class War is on

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How Making Music Made Math Cool in this Classroom | Class Act

-When people think of mathematics, they usually think that math is only in a math textbook. That’s the biggest lie we’re telling our students. Math is in everything that you do, from the time that you wake up to the time you go to bed. The planning things out and Continue Reading

How to Teach ESL Conversation Class. The BEST Way I’ve Found Teaching English Abroad.

What’s up everybody how’s it going I’m back with another video today so today’s video is the product of an email that i received from matthew I hope Matthew doesn’t mind me going over the email I’m sure he was it’s nothing personal so Matthew emailed me from Korea Continue Reading

Is the middle class disappearing?

Snapshot Of London: Social Class Identification

Do you identify with a class? Me, no. (laughs) I think that’s properly outdated, isn’t it? Like I think that’s properly outdated. I’d say working class. I would say I’m quite middle class. I would say, if I had to identify with a class I’d say I’m definitely privileged. That Continue Reading

How Powerful Is The Middle Class?

Last year, the Pew Research center reported that the income gap in the United States between the middle and upper class was the largest on record. The wealth owned by just the top “zero point-one percent” was equivalent to the wealth of the bottom 90 percent. Many economic analysts and Continue Reading

Why I Never Date Outside My Class: Best Bits Of Fern Brady’s Live From The BBC

Now, I went out with someone at uni where the break-up was embarrassing, to say the least. I went to a posh uni. I don’t know if you know, Edinburgh Uni is like Hogwarts. So it was important to me to go out with another commoner like myself, cos I’m Continue Reading